The Red Room

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The Red Room

I never fancied myself a voyeur.

I never fancied myself a voyeur. I’m not a prude nor am I particularly shy, but I never thought I would enjoy putting on a “show” for others. I have absolutely no problem watching; in fact I quite like it. But I never considered putting on the performance myself and I’m pleasantly surprised to learn I do indeed like to do just that, and I like it a lot.

Into the Red Room we go…

As I slowly crawl into what I came to refer to as the Red Room, bare buttocks in the air, breasts hanging, hair wet and wild from the pool adventures we had moments before, I’m increasingly aware of the eyes watching from the framed “pictures” on the walls to one side. A small smile spreads across my lips as I feel hands gently caress my backside, up towards my hips where fingers lock around my hipbones to pull me towards him.

“They’re watching us,” I breathe deeply and say more to myself than to him as his tongue plays gloriously down my lower back and down, lingering at the very spot my ass cheeks spread, I feel him breathing heavily and know he knows precisely what I just said.

Letting go

The Red Room consists of a single mattress-like surface surrounded by pillows with a small window that looks out onto something I never got to see as I was much too wrapped up in the view before my very own eyes. Everything in the room is varying shades of red, mostly due to the red light above.

Flipping me onto my back, his lips find my nipples, erect and ready for the warmth of his tongue, his soft lips, and a gentle bite here and there. Throwing my head back into the red mattress, I stretch my arms above, arch my back and squeeze his ribs with my thighs, letting out a quiet moan as his head begins to move down towards my navel.

Putting on a show

Knowing you’ve got an audience, being aware that there are people around and paying attention to the extremely private act you’re about to partake in should be intimidating. It should be heart-stopping. But it wasn’t. It was the opposite. Now, I wasn’t about to make eye contact with one of our viewers, but I knew they were there. I smiled for them for me for us, and for the intense pleasure we were all experiencing in this moment. And it turned me on more than I ever thought it would.

Had he done this before?

As his finger slowly and purposefully enters me, a soft cry of ecstasy escapes my lips, and for a moment the conversation beyond the heavy velvet drapes pauses. Rhythmically, his finger moves, while his tongue caresses just the right spot, making me catch my breath and bring a hand down to his head. For control, for stability, to assure him he’s on the right track… all of the above. Circular motions with tongue and finger bring me to the brink, as my breath becomes ragged and my hands reach out to grasp anything. My back arches again and I cry out… as I’m about to cum, he expertly grasps my ass with his hands and slides me down before flipping us over completely.

Now I’m on top. I laugh, not at him, but at the pure joy of the situation. I laugh for our audience because I’m sure they weren’t expecting the plot twist. Well played, sir… well played.

Taking centre stage

Now, I want to play. For my benefit for his, and for the small group that’s gathered beyond the red drapes. I can hear them shuffling around, I’ve stolen a glimpse of them through the curtains, touching themselves, each other, wetting their lips, watching with intensity and curiosity.

I slowly slide my body down his, nipples tracing his chest and abdomen, sending shivers down my own spine. Reaching his hips, I trace the length of his shaft with my tongue. He’s absolutely throbbing, and I love it. Cupping his balls gently in one hand, I take him in my mouth as completely as I can, as he lets out an incredible moan and pushes my head down just a little but more. I know he won’t last much longer, I can feel it …

Time to give the people what they came to see, and what we’re both absolutely aching to do.

“Fuck me”

In one fluid motion I lift myself up and on top, guiding him into me which is hardly necessary as he’s so erect and stiff it could find its own way in there. I watch his eyes roll and close as I lower myself down, down, down completely as our hips lock. I rock gently, slowly, deliberately, hands on his chest, fingernails digging in ever so slightly.

He opens his eyes, stares at me intently for a few seconds.

“Fuck me,” he mouths.

Can’t deny an order like that. So I do. Running my hands through my now wet-with-sweat hair, his hands cup my breasts and guide my body up and down as I ride him, and ride him hard. I don’t care that people are watching at all. The moans and sounds of pure pleasure escaping my lips are carnal and real, and are not at all censored. I know I’m loud. I don’t give a fuck. I know all conversation as stopped outside the Red Room now. I don’t care.

Added excitment

I feel him stiffen inside me, feel the grip on my tits tighten, feel his back lift off the red mattress ever so slightly, so I deliberately slow down just a bit. He cries out, wants more, and I grin.

At that moment I hear someone ask, “Do you guys want someone else to join?” I know he hasn’t heard a thing as he’s fully focused on me riding his cock, but I heard. I look over my shoulder briefly and manage to say, “Not this time,” with what little breath I have left, as I feel my own climax rising, perhaps in part because someone asked to join in…

The Climax

Suddenly his hands are on my hips and he’s desperate for me to pick up the pace, and I don’t disagree.

We cum together, both cry out (likely louder than either one of us thought we would) as his entire body lifts up and his face ends up in my chest. I grip the back of his head with my hands, and his hips with my thighs, feeling my groin spasm and twitch in the very best way possible.

Did I ever think I’d do what I did in the Red Room? A few short years ago, probably not. However, it’s clear to me that I did indeed enjoy it, and a great deal. Life is all about exploration and new experiences, it’s about doing things you’ve never thought you’d do (within limitation and in your own comfort zone). If you trust yourself and the person you’re with enough, let it happen. Let loose. Enter your own Red Room and give it a go… I bet you’ll have fun. I know I did.

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