Super Sexperience 2019, A Smash Hit!

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Super Sexperience 2019

There are many amazing hotels in the Riviera Maya and Cancun area, as it is a hotspot for those looking for adventure, romance, and more. Our swanky choice of resort for our SDC Super Sexperience 2019 ranked right up there, being brand-new with elegantly-appointed, spacious rooms and stunning views from almost everywhere. There’s a certain feeling of awe as you step into the grand lobby of this oceanfront hotel which allows for a wide, bird’s-eye view to the turquoise waters ahead. Adult by design, even the pools are set up to blend in with the beautiful surroundings and is, thus, the perfect landing spot for some SDC-style pampering, relaxation, and partying!

Choices, Choices!

Catching sun rays in the buff, sippin’ delicious cocktails, and chillin’ by the pool, one thing is very true: swingers know how to have fun in the sun! As soon as we get the green light that all regular guests have left the building, out comes that wholesome, carefree vibe, and the kick-ass pool parties are on.

With two stunning, giant pools, one of the biggest dilemmas is which of the two will be yours for the day! It’s the choice between immersing yourselves in the bustle of the pool party in the afternoon or taking a more laid-back lounger approach and hang out at the quieter pool, where the vibe whispers relaxation.

The anticipation and expectations for this mega event were high on all fronts. Even though our vanilla adult-only resort had to go head-first, full-dive under into the lifestyle scene, we can honestly say we popped their cherry! They delivered exceptional service with a smile, as our wonderful SDC guests enthusiastically jump-started the resort to life for this massive event in all ways imagined. And with that, we look back at an excellent week under the Mexican sun!

Super Sexperience 2019, A Smash Hit!

Pure, Free, & Primal!

Okay, we absolutely unearthed something there with those superb live bands. Most people aren’t steadfast in their musical tastes, as these depend on moods as well. Apart from the latest Latin and House beats, we hit all levels with some cool jazz sounds by saxophone for our Great Gatsby theme, some blues, some soul, some rock, and even some country on our Texxx Mexxx night with smoking hot, live musicians and bands.

Of course, music was just one component of the entertainment of and, even though there was too much going on to mention here, we keep thinking back to that muscle-clad morsel of a man, who just climbed his mast spread-eagle with only one arm — what???

We can’t really choose, as all themes were cool, but our favorite theme night was probably Erotic Circus, where The Greatest Showman came alive on stage in a big way and where even the pool was used as a canvas for acrobats.

Super Sexperience 2019, A Smash Hit!

Every Single Night!

The professional and intimate night club was by far the ideal spot where magic happened each night — one with quality sound, an excellent bar, plus an unpretentious atmosphere. In short, the club was a prime gathering place to dance and flirt. The SDC DJs brought their finest tunes, and the club was filled to the brim every evening ’til the last beats faded away in the heat of the night. The lounge bar next to it made for an ideal hang out to sit and chat with old and new friends and, of course, to slip into the nearby playroom. Yes, (wink) a lot of that happened, too!

Super Sexperience 2019, A Smash Hit!

For anyone wondering, or whoever was left on that dreaded waitlist for this one — good news! Yes, we are hosting this event again next year, and then we’ll be taking the Super Sexperience to the XXXtreme!

Don’t wait and contact the ladies in TRAVEL if you wish to be included!

SDC Travel
The SDC Travel Department organizes every year and with pleasure many lifestyle events. It’s our team’s goal to grow and inspire the lifestyle community in the broadest sense by connecting and bringing together as many couples as possible for positive
lifestyle experiences.

Our team has a wild love for finding beautiful places for our guests from all over the world to enjoy. We are enthusiastic in all our efforts to enable these couples to connect, while putting customer service at the very top of our to-do list. Our events at 5-star resorts and boutique cruise ships are a draw to many like-minded people from all over the world who come together for educational play shops, fun entertainment, food, drink and dancing; but most importantly, to cherish old friendships, as well as making new ones.

We believe that all of our events should be the perfect go-to for sexy moods and should leave every guest happy, maybe somewhat rebelliously naughty, and with an overall feeling of satisfaction from being deeply cared for each and every time.

Super Sexperience 2019, A Smash Hit!

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