Video: The LIC Conversations #4: Sexuality vs. Eroticism

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Both of you have done some heavy lifting in the first three conversations of The Lifestyle Inventory Check-Up! You’ve made it through to step 4, and now you’re ready to examine your sexualities and erotic selves. Watch this video to learn about the differences between the two and how they shape your dynamic with and for each other.

The Smart Erotica Program

Watch the video about the Smart Erotica Program here. Read about it here.

Begin the program by taking The LIC® Quiz here, and then follow the series below. For each step, watch the video and then read the corresponding article for the conversation guides.

Introducing The LIC®: Watch & Read

  1. Alignment: Watch & Read
  2. Unfiltered Communication: Watch & Read
  3. Conflict: Watch & Read
  4. Sexuality vs. Eroticism: Watch & Read
  5. Boundaries: Watch & Read
  6. Agreements: Watch & Read
  7. Routines & Rituals: Watch & Read

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