9 Ultimate Sex Fantasies of Women

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9 Ultimate Sex Fantasies of Women

Search the internet, view surveys and polls, ask your girlfriends… it turns out, women fantasize a lot about sex. Here are nine of the most common.

Search the internet, view surveys and polls, ask your girlfriends… it turns, out women fantasize a lot about sex. Whether all those secret thoughts also become or must become reality? One will want to stick to a fantasy, while the other goes looking for the possibility to really experience it. In any case, the nine fantasies below are the most common.

From Dominating to Stripping

  1. Trio
    For many women, a threesome is the ultimate fantasy. Preferably with a woman. But sex with two men is also high on the dream list.
  2. Dominate or be Dominated
    Take charge and let him do whatever you want. For many women, this is an exciting thought. But also to be dominated yourself, to let go of control completely and do what he wants from you… ahh… Not for nothing was Fifty Shades of Grey a big hit.
  3. Sex with a Celebrity
    Beautiful men or men with power… they score high on the fantasy ladder. However, the chance that this fantasy will also become reality is extremely small.
  4. One Night Stand
    Horny sex with a stranger in a somewhat rancid hotel room, or in a luxury suite. Going crazy with someone you never see again.
  5. Group Sex
    A popular fantasy of many women. All people who touch you and whom you can touch and with whom you can have sex. Being stroked, hugged and being touched by multiple hands. Lose yourself in an orgy of lust and let yourself go completely.
  6. Play in a Sex Movie
    Make a nice video with your partner and watch it together again. Make sure that you store the film material properly. Unless you want others to see you, of course.
  7. Food to Play With
    Strawberries with whipped cream: great to eat, but also delicious to eat from your partner or have him eat from you! Ice cubes cool your drinks but are tingling fresh on your skin. For women, playing with food is a fantasy.
  8. Sex in Crazy Places
    In addition to the bed, the bathroom is also a favorite place to have sex, especially in the shower. But a fantasy for other places is certainly not unusual for women. How about an elevator, in an airplane toilet, in a swimming pool, in a forest? Try it!
  9. Stripping
    It is a fantasy of women to put on a show in spicy lingerie. Incidentally, it is a fantasy that you can actually perform!

What is Your Ultimate Fantasy?

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