Age-Old Sex: It Gets Better All The Time

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Age-Old Sex: It Gets Better All The Time

Age-old sex is getting better. In addition, it is also healthy!

If we look at how often we have sex, then we peak sexually between our twentieth or thirtieth year of life. And the older you get, the less frequently you end up together between the sheets. But one consolation: the quality of sex keeps getting better over the years. On average, both women and men between the ages of 45 and 60 appear to be much more satisfied with their sex lives than the younger generation.

Surprising Outcome

The basis for that statement are two studies into sexuality by Dr. Holly N. Thomas of the University of Pittsburgh. In the first study, forty women between 46 and 59 were asked in a personal interview how sexually satisfied they were. The second study was a written survey completed by more than 500 women between 40 and 75.

Thomas expected that having sex would be more difficult as age progressed, but the surprising outcome of the studies was that the women indicated that sex had actually improved as their age progressed.

More Time for Sex

A study by Durex — the Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey, which was held among 26,000 people from 26 countries — showed that we do it less often as we get older, but better. Sex lasts longer and is more loving. For couples who are busy with careers or who care for children, the frequency and quality of sex diminish considerably. When that period is over, sex takes up a more important place. There is more time for each other, and also for sex. Around 60 percent of people over the age of 60 have sex more than once a week. The ideas about sex also seem to change. The elderly dare more and make much more use of sex toys and other aids.

What Influences Your Sex Life?

  • With aging, some ailments often arise.
  • Vaginal dryness: 15 percent of Dutch women over 50 suffer from it. There is a simple solution: use a lubricant.
  • Erectile dysfunction: A problem for 22 percent of men. Go to your doctor to discuss which medicines you can use for it.
  • Almost a quarter of the men have difficulty keeping the penis stiff.
  • Illness, medicines, treatments, and disabilities.
  • STDs: If you only share the bed with your own partner, the risk of an STD is virtually excluded. With contacts with multiple partners, you run the risk of being infected with it. Sex with a condom is the best method to prevent an STD. But do not forget that oral satisfaction without protection entails a risk.

Sex is Good for Your Health

Quite a few hormones are produced before, during, and after sex:

  • Oxytocin (cuddly hormone) and vasopressin provide a sense of belonging between partners. In addition, oxytocin has a calming effect that makes it easier to fall asleep after having sex.
  • Endorphine: This is a natural painkiller. Get rid of that headache!
  • Prolactin: Good to know that this hormone not only ensures that sex drive diminishes after an orgasm but also stimulates the production of new brain cells. This could potentially have a positive influence on the development of diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.
  • Dopamine: Gives a relaxed feeling, has a calming effect and reduces depression or stress.

Other Reasons for Regular Sex

  • For men, an orgasm is good because they lose carcinogenic substances during ejaculation, which reduces the risk of prostate cancer.
  • Sex is a natural anti-histamine. It can help to overcome asthma and hay fever.
  • Calorie burner: During a half-hour session of sex, you can burn 150 calories just like that.
  • Sex is good for you because it makes extra strokes that make your blood flow faster. Sex a few times a week reduces the risk of a heart attack in men.
  • Anyone who has had a heart attack does not have to be afraid of having sex. If you can climb the stairs without problems, then you can also make love. Talk to your doctor.
  • Sex can lower high blood pressure.

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