Female Condoms: Yes or No?

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Female Condoms: Yes or No?

The tinkering with male condoms is always good for jokes, but condoms are necessary to reduce the spread of STDs. Should you try female condoms? Here are the pros and cons.

Male condoms sometimes tend to tear or slip. Not infrequently because men are indeed messing around and messing around, or they won’t even get it because of a penis that is or will be too weak. Women can help put on a condom. Or they choose to use a condom themselves — the female condom.

Is a Female Condom Safe?

You insert a female condom into the vagina. It looks like a bag and has two flexible rings. The outer ring remains outside the vagina. The protection against STDs, pregnancy, and HIV is just as high as that of a male condom. If you use the condom correctly, a female condom offers 98 percent protection, according to the manufacturers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Female Condom

The female condom is often compared to a sandwich bag. That image has lingered, certainly because the materials that were used when they were first introduced to the market were not ideal. In the meantime, various manufacturers have focused on the production of female condoms. They all use slightly different materials. So you can now compare and test which type you (and your partner) find most comfortable. In any case, use an unopened condom and check to make sure it’s not expired.


  • As a woman, you control the use of condoms yourself.
  • It protects against STDs and pregnancy.
  • The condom can be inserted well in advance of the sex party.
  • You can have sex in a hygienic way during your period.


  • The condoms of some brands are a bit thick or smell of latex.
  • Not everyone finds a ring on the outside of the vagina an exciting sight.
  • You must pay attention that the penis actually goes into the condom and that the outer ring does not pop in during intercourse.
  • You hear and feel the condom during intercourse.
  • They are relatively expensive.


  • Use the female condom only once. New sex party, new condom. Never let it sit. If you want to prevent STDs, then you MUST use a new condom every time, especially if you have several sexual partners in succession (swingers!).
  • Do not use two condoms together or in combination with a male condom.
  • The condoms often already contain lubricant. Do you want to use more than just a water-based lubricant? Remember that massage oil and other creams can damage the condom. Check that the materials are compatible.

How to Use a Female Condom

Remove the condom from the package. The small ring goes into the vagina. The larger ring stays outside and covers the labia. Feel if it fits well: the inner ring must lie just beyond the pubic bone. When removing, make sure that you turn the ring on the outside a quarter turn so that the sperm stays inside the condom. Then, carefully pull the condom out of your vagina. Watch out with sharp or long nails, as you can damage the condom.

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Female Condoms: Yes or No?

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