Intimate Care: Little Effort, Great Pleasure

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Intimate Care: Little Effort, Great Pleasure

Intimate care, such as a fresh wash and pleasant smelling breath, seems so normal. But not for everyone, as the stories of swingers show.

We read it on the blogs: not all dates go well. And sometimes the reason for that is actually very banal: the intimate care leaves something to be desired.

Personal Hygiene is Essential!

Intimate care is one of the most important aspects to make a date a success. Nothing is as repellent as an unpleasant smell, whether it is a smell of sweat, or if the pubes smell less fresh. And intimate care is not only about clean and fresh, but also about whether or not pubic hair. And how do you shave best?

Hairy, Bald or In Between

We start with the key question: how do you shave best? Because many people appreciate a well-shaved vagina / venus hill and penis / ball bag.

  • Ladyshave: works great, but many women experience that it doesn’t get as smooth as shaving with a blade. Often it stays a bit stubbly, and you have to get started sooner with a new depilation.
  • Razor blades: give a smooth shave and smooth result. The disadvantage is that it often causes irritation, such as red bumps and / or inflamed hair follicles. Shaving foam is also not always irritation-free. Softening the hairs beforehand with baby shampoo can help prevent red bumps. Treat your shaved genitals afterward with a balm or special cream. X-men works great, but can eventually irritate the skin, as experienced members of SDC.
  • Permanent hair removal / laser: the best result, of course, but it is painful and pricey.

You can read more about the pubic section and depilation methods here.

Care of Penis, Vagina, and Your Mouth

Frequent ‘use’ of the genitals can cause irritation of the vagina and penis. What can you do to take good care of your irritated genitals? But also: how do you keep it fresh during a date?

Hygiene During a Date

A regular wash / shower is highly appreciated by most people. After all, you are very active, and that brings sweat and bodily juices. That not everyone regularly refreshes, for example, after squirting, is a thorn in the eyes of many people:

We experienced that a couple came in the evening at 7 p.m. and left the next day late in the evening without having taken a shower once. Apparently, no reason to shower.

Use deodorant if you sweat a lot.

After using the toilet, a small wash is not superfluous, especially if you expect someone to suck you afterward. Although the taste of soap does not contribute to increasing the fun, it’s better than the alternative. 

It’s also appreciated if you brush your teeth in between or use some mouthwash.

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