Kissing or Not Kissing with a Date

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Kissing or Not Kissing with a Date

For some, there is no sex without a kiss, while others believe that kissing only with their own partner is allowed. As with everything, talk about what you want and agree with, and possibly put it in your profile whether or not you kiss play partners.

What Do SDC Members Say About Kissing?

“For me, attraction is more than appearance and profile. I have to notice it. I have to feel a tension. I have to have kissed someone.”

“I remember that we once met with a couple in a club. He kisses me in greeting and I shrunk back: what bad breath! Well, what do those beautiful pictures and nice text say? All the appeal is gone.”

“Full swap, with all the trimmings, but then don’t kiss the other partner? In my eyes, penetration is much more intimate than kissing, but we have noticed that not everyone agrees.”

“I’d rather be kissing on a first date than diving into bed with someone. I’m also happy that I kissed more men than I shared the bed. You can kiss anywhere and that is much more innocent in my eyes than fucking.”

“If I go on a date with someone, I want to be able to give myself fully, with passion, and kissing is certainly part of it. Sex is intimate anyway. But it is about the feelings that you may or may not feel. If I kiss during a date, that’s lust and porn. With my partner, love is added.”

“As far as we are concerned, kissing is warming up nicely. Without that, we soon experience that you just want to get fucked and dealt with quickly. It’s everybody’s thing and choice, but for us kissing, is part of it.”

It’s Your Choice

Whether or not you kiss, it’s a choice made by you and your partner. Some (open doors) tips for when you’re in for it: get a breath of fresh air. Brush your teeth, rinse with mouthwash, avoid eating garlic or other strong-smelling foods and, above all — do not smoke.

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Kissing or Not Kissing with a Date

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