Menopause and Swinging

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Menopause and Swinging

What kind of influence does menopause have on swingers’ sex life? What can you do to keep it fun for yourself?

The biological clock ticks inexorably with everyone — yes, even with the female swingers. It means that you end up ‘just’ in the transition, despite a sleek appearance with or without aids. But younger women can also experience it. Does menopause affect swingers’ sex life?


During the transition, fewer female hormones (estrogens) are produced. This has a negative influence on your mood, which can cause you to suffer from (inexplicable) mood changes. The decrease in the female hormone is also the cause of the so-called hot flashes and insomnia in this phase of life. You experience the transition as a beginning of the decline. Other consequences are thinning of the lining of the vaginal wall, decrease in elasticity, and vaginal circulation. The humidity of the vagina can also be less. The acidity increases, making you more susceptible to vaginal infections.

What Changes Physically During the Transition?

The blood flow decreases with the result that you get excited less quickly, and you need more and stronger sexual stimuli. Many women suffer from unwanted urine loss (incontinence), which can make you insecure during intercourse. Because the vagina becomes drier, sex can be more painful. Your figure can change: pounds are added spontaneously, especially on the hips and abdomen, and those pounds, unfortunately, don’t shed that easily. Breasts can become a size larger. You can suffer from painful joints, hair loss, and palpitations. If you do not use a pill, your period may become irregular and sometimes very violent, and the next time it may be almost nothing.

More or Less in the Mood for Sex?

Due to so many physical and mental changes, your sex drive can simply decrease. Many experience the transition as the beginning of the decline, and you might find yourself much less attractive. You can be active in the swinger world for many years with great pleasure and suddenly feel differently about it, or not as much as your own partner. If you no longer feel like having sex, even with your own partner, and if this period lasts for a long time, it will be increasingly difficult to become sexually active again.

The Use of Lubricants

Women who are not in transition can get wet even though they are not in the mood yet. This is different for women during menopause. Because of the decrease in the moisture in the vagina, they must really feel like having sex, possibly with the use of lubricant, to be able to have painless sex.

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