Pubic Hair: Full, a Line or Just Completely Bald?

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Pubic Hair: Full

Tastes differ, but in general, full groves of pubic hair are not so appreciated. Not by and by women, not by and by men. Aesthetically it is nicer for most people and from a hygiene point of view it is also possible to argue for shaving the pubic area. A full bunch of hair is also not popular among swingers.

History of Hair Removal

The shaving of pubic hair has long been with women, but men have also discovered the razor or the depilatories. An earlier study by Panorama showed that no less than 71% of men with a shaver, trimmer, or razor maintain their pubic hair. Thirty-one percent of men go completely bald and remove every hair. It appears that 65 percent of women remove all hair, according to a study by the ‘Delete Professionals in Waxing.’

Chest and Leg Hair

For women, the trend for pubic hair has been fairly stable in recent years, and there is no clear picture for more, or less, hair. In men, there appears to be an increase in the shaving of chest and/or leg and arm hair. Completely smooth, too. It needs some maintenance to prevent you from feeling like a hedgehog.

Bikini Gives the Go-Ahead for Trimming and Hair Removal

The bikini, which became popular with the general public from the ’60s, heralded the era of trimming and hair removal on the Venus Hill. Women were no longer charmed by tufts of hair that peeked from their pants. From the ’90s onwards, the shaving and depilation of pubic hair was tackled in Brazil, in particular. The name “Brazilian” comes from there. If you want a line on your pubic area, the so-called runway, then that is called the Brazilian Wax. Completely bald is called Full Brazilian Wax. Brazilian wax treatments are the most commonly performed. Twenty percent of women leave a small mark. Fifteen percent opt for a triangle or other shape. The Panorama study showed that more than 50 percent of men prefer to see a completely bald pubic area in women.

Why Shaved or Waxed?

Oral sex feels so much better without hair in your mouth, readers say in a previously-conducted poll. Most recipients of oral sex also find this much more intense when they are bald or almost bald. In addition, pubic louse has to give up against the bald vagina and penis, since these animals would be in their hair.

Waxing, Shaving, or Laser?

Whether or not you want to go bald is, of course, very personal. You also depilate your pubic area. You can handle the razor (regularly) or go for a somewhat longer solution, such as waxing or laser.

  • When shaving, make sure you do not damage the skin. If the hair is very long, use a trimmer first.
  • Electric trimming is a great way to make the hair shorter.
  • Epilation is a long-term and painful job.
  • Depilatories keep the hair away longer but can cause irritation.
  • You do waxing, or have it done, by using warm wax. This is also possible with wax adhesive strips. The wax is removed with a firm jerk. The hairs stick to the wax or the adhesive strip. Waxing is, therefore, not painless.
  • Laser or light pulse treatments are effective and long-lasting. The disadvantage is that it takes a while for all parts to be treated. Your wallet can also feel a little bald after the treatments.

What Pubic Hair Styles Are There?

  • To begin with: the natural model. Nothing is being done about the hair. This is also called the ‘bush.’
  • The opposite is the Brazilian Full — completely bare
  • Trimmed haircut: shorter hairs, but no shape or hair removal
  • Runway: the name speaks for itself. In the middle, there is a strip of hair, and on its sides it is bald.
  • Triangle: hairs are removed on the side so that a triangle remains. You can also remove the center hair so that a triangle frame remains.
  • Shapes like a heart, a diamond, or anything else
  • Mixed forms as a combination of runway and triangle

Disadvantages of Shaving Pubic Hair

The shaving of pubic hair is wrongly considered unhygienic. But daily washing ensures that it stays clean. In addition to that misguided feeling of non-hygiene, there are some reasons to leave your pubic hair.

  • Shaving causes wounds and inflammation
  • With bald vaginas and penises/sacks, there seems to be a higher chance of herpes, partly due to cuts and inflammations

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Pubic Hair: Full, a Line or Just Completely Bald?

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