Period Sex: Fetish, Ah-mazing, or a Plain No?

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Period Sex: Fetish, Ah-mazing, or a Plain No?

Menstruation is a basic and healthy bodily function, and half the population is “blessed” with it. Unfortunately, somehow, it’s still somewhat of a loaded subject, even in lifestyle circles. When it comes to period sex, the eyebrows raise even higher.

On my travel adventures away from otherwise being a sexy keyboard warrior, I talk to women. So, now and then, a frank discussion comes up about our periods and how our partners and other playmates react to them. Some refrain from having sexual intercourse during that time for various reasons. Some think it’s gross. Some say they love it. Some told me they have actually canceled their long-planned and fully paid for sexy swinger vacation because she was expected to be on her period during those days. Awww, you guys, I get it, but what a shame and waste of money to miss out on such a special sexy time, as there are options to work around it!

Period Sex Pros and Cons

There are some obvious pros and cons to period sex, the biggest positive being that orgasms help with pain and period cramping. Period sex usually lifts the female’s mood emotionally, and there is a natural lubrication going on, which makes it all the more pleasurable, and, with changing hormone levels, there could even be an elevated horniness involved.

The biggest negative is, of course, that it’s messy, but there are special period cups and sponges that could help with this. Also, the female usually feels a bit crappy and bloated, which may make her feel self-conscious. The extra lubrication also makes it easier to spread an STI like chlamydia or gonorrhea. So, protection is key, especially when you play with friends or have a new partner.

Best Period Sex Positions

No sex position is off-limits. Yet some of the good old favorites, like the female on top position, will definitely create a bigger mess. Those that do have period sex report to prefer the spooning position, missionary, and the relaxed doggy, as it decreases the level of penetration.

Some love to have sex, just not penetrative sex, so nipple play, anal stimulation, oral play, water play, masturbation, toys… you name it, there are other options, and she can still get off.

International Research

In 2018, a study with 95,000 participants from 200 countries was done by the Kinsey Institute for the app Clue about the effect of menstruation on current sexual practices and the use of condoms. Some really interesting numbers and conclusions came up relating to period sex.

Just 15% of women on their period seem to engage in their usual sexual activity.
48% avoided any genital sexual activity, and 41% focused on stimulation of their partner only.
49% reported avoiding any/all genital sexual activity during their period.
21% reported avoiding any/all sexual activity (even non-genital) during their period.
41% reported avoiding any sexual contact with their own genitals and focused only on stimulating their partner.
1.4% of the total sample identified as genderqueer/nonbinary. Genderqueer and nonbinary respondents were more likely than those identifying as women to report engaging in their usual sexual activities during menstruation (21% compared to 15%)

Of those who avoided some, but not all sexual activity:
1% reported avoiding vaginal intercourse.
66% usually engaging in cunnilingus, reported to avoid cunnilingus during their period, making it the most avoided of behaviors during a period.

Different Countries, Different Percentages

8% to 9% of respondents in Hong Kong, Ukraine, and France were the least likely to report engaging in usual sexual activity during menstruation.
20%+ of those in Latin American countries reported to engage in their usual sexual activity during their period, yet this same demographic also reported a higher rate of those that avoid any and all sexual activity.

In effect, even within the same country, there are different behavioral patterns with respect to period sex.

Condom Usage with Period Sex

It’s also interesting to note that in this same study, it was reported that condoms are less used during menstruation, as there is the notion that people are less worried about the risk of pregnancy during their period. While it’s less likely to get pregnant while on your period, it’s still possible, as sperm loves to hang around. While having period sex, bare-backing is still not advisable.

How do Lifestylers Relate?

Now, how this all relates to those in the swinger lifestyle is not crystal clear. I could, perhaps, see a more liberal approach to the topic of period sex. For sure, I have seen my share of period sex in the playrooms out there!

All in all, I am pretty positive that period sex is not fetishized in the world of swingers, and that it can be ah-mazing, and that, sure, some will just say no period sex. Period. So, how about you?

Give your Feedback!

Since this research was not geared towards a lifestyle crowd, I’d love to learn from you — both males and females, singles as well as couples. How do you feel about period sex, with your partner, and your sexy friends? Do you discuss it before having sex with others during your period, or do you not address it and let the sheets speak for themselves? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below!


Condom use from a female perspective: Clue’s study with KI-CURT: EXPANDED RESULTS

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