How to Comment on Articles, Podcasts and Videos on SDC

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How to Comment on Articles, Podcasts and Videos on SDC

Our members have and always will play an extremely important role in the development of SDC. We depend on you, our engaging community members, for your valuable insight and feedback, to help us give you the info you need!

Help us cultivate our Lifestyle community and give us feedback so we can create new resources just for you!

With our new comment feature on SDC Media, you can now comment on any article, blog or podcast and give us your thoughts on each topic and author’s perspective.

How to comment

If you wish to post a question, response, opinion or commentary on an article, podcast or article:

1. Make sure you are logged in, or sign up for SDC.
2. Click the comments icon under the author name in the article title to quickly access the comments section on that page, or scroll towards the bottom of the page below the article.
3. Click Add a public comment underneath.
4. Leave your feedback! 
5. Choose if you want to set your comment using your user name or as “Anonymous”.
6. Click Post.

How Do You Know When Your Comments Are Approved?

After your comment is approved by our admin, you will receive an email in your SDC mailbox from us, letting you know your comment has been posted live. Then you can click the link in the email to go to the article, video or podcast you commented on and see your feedback there!

Why Are Your Comments Important?

Your feedback will help us decide on the informative and exciting resources we provide to you, our vibrant lifestyle community. Join the conversation with other members as you all participate in helping us bring you quality material that will help you throughout your erotic journey.

Your meaningful comments are an important cornerstone of our community and valuable not only to us here at SDC and to the author, but also to your fellow SDC members and other open-minded people. Plus it’s a great opportunity to interact with others as well and share your knowledge and experiences!

Benefits of Participating

When we or one of our authors creates new resources for you, they are only able to cover certain perspectives and aspects of any given topic. Your additional tips, points of view and advice will allow these contributions to be even more useful and meaningful to people who are seeking information about sex, health and relationships.

Plus, if you have a specific question on a topic, you can get answers from our experts too!

Comment Guidelines

All of our resources are available on SDC to help educate, inform and entertain you.

Questions, replies to other people commenting, and constructive feedback are highly valued.

However, any comments that are disrespectful or violate our community standards will not be approved by our SDC team.

Thank You!

We know your time is valuable, so we and our members appeciate your feedback! Thank you for taking time to improve our SDC community!

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