The Great Things about Lifestyle Event Photo Shoots

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The Great Things about Lifestyle Event Photo Shoots

Boudoir photos are a thing of beauty. You probably have enough sexy selfies to fill a library. However, sexy pictures taken by a skilled photographer are in a different league altogether.

If you are lucky and are a participant at a sexy event where there is an erotic photographer ready to do your sexy photoshoot, it’s a wonderful experience! Yes, sure, boudoir photos can be rather pricy, depending on your wishes, but there are significant benefits to having your sexy pictures taken at a travel event.


Odds are in your favor that the photographer that was carefully selected for the job, and is not just a horny hobbyist with a camera. On the contrary, to make sure clients are receiving something special, any photographer (at least, at an SDC event) is, without exception, a true and experienced professional with ditto credentials. So, you can rest assured that the time and money invested in your photo shoot is going to be worth it.

A true photographer is, by all means, an artist, and so you’ll be going home with nothing less than works of art. Not only that — a professional will photograph you from your best angles, so don’t worry about any dimples or body parts that you may be conscious about. Photos are usually artistically enhanced, so they’ll be uniquely you. What does that mean for you? It means that your self-esteem will get a sexy boost in a big way, and, as such, can even have a therapeutic value.


You alone decide the level of nakedness or action you wish to be captured with which you are comfortable. How many times have you heard horror stories of people doing a boudoir or kinky shoot by a guy who was more than hopeful of joining in on the action? That, unfortunately, happens more often than you think. And that will not occur in a purely professional setting, where the photographer is bound by contract to be discreet, respectful, and appropriate at all times.

Learn Something

Usually, the erotic photographer is happy to give a class or just offer you pointers on how to pose for optimal angles unique to you, so you can take better pictures of yourself and also others, which is priceless advice.

Alone, Couple, or Group?

How fun is it to have a photo session alone to surprise your partner, or to show yourselves off in the best light on your profile? Even if you wish to do a shoot with friends, now that’s a memory worth capturing in the best light as well! The sky is the limit!


You are at an event, so you are, per definition, in a totally safe environment where the lifestyle is not only understood but fully embraced. You can be yourselves without any judgment, or prying eyes. Your pictures are safe and secure and are deleted when not ordered by you by contract, and, thus, will never show up anywhere without your prior explicit consent.


Let’s not forget about how much fun it is to be the apple in the camera’s eye. Whether you do it alone, together, or with more, inside or an outside location, it’s just crazy fun to do! Change yourselves into your sexiest outfits or go completely nude, or make it a themed shoot — no matter what you choose, you’ll be sure to have a great time.

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