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Anyone committed to having an extraordinary relationship where friendship, shared purpose, passion, and fulfillment are present will benefit from this unique and powerful relationship enrichment experience.

Eric and Rosemarie came to a Soul Mates for Life™ live event due to chronic conflict and were on the brink of a separation when they arrived (most couples who attend are not in crisis; they want to learn and grow). A solid relationship for five years, both in their early 40s, she a small business owner with a successful cosmetics line, and he an entrepreneur who sold a technology company a few years ago and is semi-retired. Eric is a veteran to the lifestyle, and Rosemarie agreed to “try out swinging,” knowing that this would be the only model Eric would be content in. They had several missing/incomplete conversations, and each had different interests and intentions for what role the lifestyle would play in their relationship.

Neither of them knew exactly what that was nor the extent to which they were not aligned.

Until, on a lifestyle cruise, Eric actively pursued a unicorn who caught his eye, assuming he had Rosemarie’s consent to do so (there was neither “agreement” or “consent”). Conflict ensued, revealing the core underlying issues: Eric was interested in polyamory and seeking emotionally committed relationships with select partners; Rosemarie was open to swinging with select partners who they did not necessarily see again.

Eric & Rosemarie’s Two-Day Breakthrough

At Soul Mates for Life™ Secrets of Relationship Mastery, they focused on strengthening their “core” as a couple. Eric and Rosemarie examined their friendship (it was anemic at best) and learned what toxic patterns they were stuck in. They acquired a new toolbox for how to have all the necessary conversations they needed to have — and had them! The couple repaired the damage from the toxic conflict, prioritized and clarified what needs each of them had, and they learned how to use compromise and negotiation strategies to align around a plan for the future. All this in two days — a win for both of them.

Empowering Couples with Relationship Tools

We believe relationship success is a standard in your psychology, NOT luck, serendipity or Hollywood romanticism, and IS accessible to couples willing to learn “how to” love. Having an extraordinary relationship is a by-product of both science and art. We designed the Soul Mates for Life™ Secrets of Relationship Mastery program to empower couples with tools for how to create a relationship grounded in friendship, passion, eroticism, and fulfillment living a soulful life together.

We do that by delivering the best information available in one place through a comprehensive, yet simple-to-understand curriculum that is fun, a bit provocative, and highly transformational — regardless of where you are on your relationship journey. 

The purpose of Soul Mates for Life™ Secrets of Relationship Mastery is to teach couples how to transform an unconscious relationship into an intentional one of Co-Conscious Partnership where your union is a by-product of “design” aligned with your highest values. This is true wherever you are in your relationship, for couples in healthy marriages that want to evolve to “what’s next,” or couples in challenging relationships committed to moving beyond those challenges. Anyone committed to having an extraordinary relationship where friendship, shared purpose, passion, and fulfillment are present will benefit from this unique and powerful relationship enrichment experience.

Success Leaves Clues AND has Requirements

An extraordinary relationship, and yes, a “Soul Mate,” is closer than you think IF YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TOOLS! We have had the privilege of working with couples over a combined period of 30 years, generating solutions to complex challenges in every imaginable relationship scenario.

The Soul Mates for Life™ – Secrets of Relationship Mastery program is the result of our own journey — the culmination of decades of learning what works and does not work in intimate relationships. We have had the honor of being mentored by world-class leaders, teachers, and researchers in the field of human performance and relationship wellness. We also live what we teach and practice it daily, so we know it works!

We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we do have a history of results with those we work with. The combination of experience, personal application, and formal education/training has allowed us to distill generations of wisdom and practices that will empower you to take your relationship to the next level.

Anyone committed to having an extraordinary relationship, when they have the right tools, can create one. The Soul Mates for Life™ – Secrets of Relationship Mastery Live Event will facilitate transformation in couples who are in healthy relationships that want to take it to the next level and/or couples in challenging relationships committed to moving beyond them.

Dr Jay and Liseth Ferraro Soul Mates for Life

If Not Now, When?

We often hear this:

I’m too busy and have no time for a two-day seminar.

Yet, we make time for EVERYTHING else except our most important priority — the human being we live with and commit to loving.

We know, and we get it. We, too, are busy, and yet, we value our love to the degree that we choose to make time regularly and invest in that love. There are only two ways to live: by your standards or your stories for what’s possible or not. Be careful which one you make priorities from. Standards deliver consistent results aligned with reasonable expectations; stories deliver nothing but excuses that allow you to blame the narrative for not having what you want. Vanilla. Chocolate. Choose!

For those who say “there’s no time,” we say this:

You can’t afford not to invest the time in your primary relationship unless you’re not serious about creating an outstanding partnership based on love for a lifetime. A devitalized relationship that leads to divorce will be more costly and time-consuming than investing two days in learning what, why, and how to love your partner and create the conditions for a love that lasts and delivers true fulfillment.

Soul Mates for Life LIVE IN MIAMI!

Join us in Miami, FL for a truly special opportunity at one of our Soul Mates for Life Live Events (go to to find out when our next program is), where you will participate in a small, intimate group with like-minded people all on the same path — to master the skills and strategies for how to love deeply, trust smartly, communicate bravely, and love for a lifetime.

If not now, when?

Please join us for one of our live programs, and let’s design a future aligned with your values, goals, needs, and passion with your partner.

SEATS ARE LIMITED and do fill up quickly.

We look forward to meeting you in person!

With Love,

Dr. Jay and Liseth

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