PSA: Beware of Vaginal Detoxes

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PSA: Beware of Vaginal Detoxes

We all want to be as clean as we can for our partners. The idea of a vaginal detox is good in theory, however, it can actually be quite dangerous. The vagina is a complex entity full of its own important organisms and bacteria that actually do need to be there. So, we’re here to warn you ladies that pussy detoxes of any kinda are generally not a good idea.

The Risk of a Vaginal Detox

Toxis Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a complication of a bacterial infection that’s been linked to tampons. However, there are other risk factors. Doctors and tampon manufacturers advise that women change their tampons at least every eight hours. The company Embrace Pangaea, that currently sells Pussy Pearl Detox kits, say that the pearls are designed to cleanse the womb by inserting the bag of herbs inside the vagina for 72 hours so the toxins inside the vagina are flushed out. That recommended time is six times as long as you’re supposed to wear a tampon. And besides womb-cleaning pearls there are even packages that claim to promote vaginal tightening.

The Vagina is Self-Cleaning

For Dr. Jen Gunter, a U.S. gynecologist, there was reason to write a blog post debunking the company’s claims. She states that these types of products, and the herbs inside the pearls, have not been tested for vaginal use. She also explains that the vagina is self-cleaning. Instead of helping women, the herbs inside the balls could damage the balance of bacteria inside their genitals. “Your uterus isn’t tired or depressed or dirty and your vagina has not misplaced its chakra,” she starts off. “They want no real help from you unless there is something wrong and they will tell you there is something wrong by bleeding profusely or itching or cramping badly or producing an odour.” She ends her blog by saying: “Leaving something, anything, inside the female genitalia for three days is not good because bacteria would grow.” Find friends at SDC

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