Tips for Swinger’s Parties (and Newbies)

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Tips for Swinger's Parties (and Newbies)

The most effortless and effective way to meet other swingers is to become a member of SDC. You will have access to people worldwide and in your own area who are into the lifestyle. This will also make it easier to find a local swinger’s party or event. What’s a swinger’s party like? There is no easy answer for that since there are lots of varieties from a huge club to a swinger’s cruise to a home party. It’s just what you prefer or what appeals to you.

It Takes 2

Swinging is for couples! You come as a couple and leave as a couple. Yes, you can have threesomes with either a second man or a woman, but still… it’s a couple’s affair.

Please, Do Behave

People can be insecure or uncertain, especially when they are new on the scene. Be courteous, and treat people the way you like to be treated. Act with sensibility and understanding. Be friendly, even to people you meet who don’t interest you.

Watch the Clock

At least to be on time to a party, that way you won’t  miss the fun. When you arrive late, everyone at the party might already be in full swing. And it’s awkward to just “jump in.” When you expect you are going to be late, inform the host beforehand.

Present a Present

It’s a party, so don’t arrive empty-handed. Unless the host specifically asks not to bring anything. Ask beforehand what their wishes are/what they want you to bring. Bringing your own condoms is a good gift idea.

Dress up, Dress Right

Ask if there is a theme so that you can bring the right outfit. If there is no dress code, wear clothes that you are comfortable in. Also, wear nice and clean lingerie/underwear. Leave all your valuables at home. No need for fine jewelry!

Clean as a Whistle

Talk about clean: not only your underwear needs to be fresh, but also your personal hygiene should not be forgotten. Shower and shave before you go, and take your deodorant with you.

No means No

You always have the right to say “no thank you.” And so does everyone in the Lifestyle. You can explain why, but it is not necessary to do so. Better a polite “no” than doing something you feel bad about or you might regret afterwards. And if your partner says “no,” that’s a “no” for you, too!

Cool is the Word

Even if you are new, act “cool.” Yes, you may ask some questions about “how” and “what” at that specific party, but don’t let your eyes pop out when you see a live porn scene! Just join in. Talk to your partner and sex partners about your wants and desires. Be honest and most of all: Have fun and enjoy yourself!

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