Sex Quirks We All Share (Even If We Won’t Admit It)

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Sex Quirks We All Share (Even If We Won't Admit It)

Sexual quirks are more common than you think. Which ones will you admit to?

Let’s face it. We’re all a little quirky. And when it comes to sex, we each have our own set of idiosyncrasies that we’re sometimes afraid to admit to. But the experts will assure you that as awkward or weird as your sexual quirks may seem, they’re probably more common than you think.

Which of these sexual quirks will you admit to?

Humping Furniture

You’ve likely heard that most women (two-thirds of us) don’t orgasm through intercourse alone, but you may be surprised to learn that many do so with a little help from the kitchen table. Humping furniture is actually quite common since so many women reach orgasm through rubbing against firm surfaces.

Many of my clients learn to orgasm by grinding up against the edges of their dining room tables or climbing atop the plush arm of their La-Z Boy chairs. I even encourage them to do so. It may not be the sexiest image imaginable, but if it produces great orgasms, I’m all for it! I just remind them to sanitize the area before inviting guests over for dinner.

Tasting Your Own Brand

Some do it on the regular for pleasure and others do so once or twice out of curiosity. Whatever your motivation, you’re not alone. It’s perfectly normal and healthy to taste your fluids and your body will break them down and digest them as they would any other liquid.

Have any other sexual quirks you’d like to share? Let’s hear ’em all, and remember to always practice safer sex!

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