Take Your Sex Life to the Next Level with Dirty Talk SDC.com

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Take Your Sex Life to the Next Level with Dirty Talk SDC.com

To help you on your way, here are some dirty talk phrases to use. No rules, no musts, just suggestions. Try them in front of a mirror to get familiar with them. You might surprise yourself when you have sex and the dirty and naughty sentences come out of your mouth just like that! Do you have any juicy dirty talk phrases you like to use? Share them with us. And please bear in mind: This is just for fun!

The Beginner

That feels amazing! Do you like this? Baby, you turn me on… Tell me what you like. I like it when you… You look wonderful. Your mouth tastes like honey. I want to jump you right now!

More Advanced

I want your cock so bad. Where do you want to cum? I like you cumming in/on me. I love being between your legs. I like to lick your pussy. Do you want me to suck your dick? This is a hell of a fuck. I am not wearing any underwear… Come and feel. Ride me like this… Want to know how to reach for the top? Get on your knees/I like to get on my knees.

The Pro

Fuck me in front of the mirror/I want to fuck you in front of the mirror. Tell me how you want me to fuck you. This little pussy is mine. Your dick is my dick. You are my slut. Are you getting wet? Show me! I need you to get inside of me. Hard. I get horny when you overpower me. I mark you mine. I discipline you/you need to discipline me. Fuck me hard so I won’t be able to walk tomorrow! I like the taste of your cum. It seems that dirty talk can supercharge your sex life. Once you get to know the hang of it, you naturally expend your vocabulary. And after all, it just depends on who you are with, and the situation you are in. Talk dirty! And make sure you read our Swingers Dictionary. More articles and new friends at SDC

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