Top 5 Most Common Misconceptions About Swingers

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Top 5 Most Common Misconceptions About Swingers

There are lots of misconceptions surrounding swinging and the Lifestyle, so we’re here to debunk a few of them for you.

Swingers Are Cheaters

All people who have sex with someone other than their spouse are cheaters. And they are not picky about the people they have sex with. And if both partners have sex with other people they have a lousy relationship. Also swingers have meaningless sex anytime and anywhere, and are acting behind each other’s back. More about cheating.

Swingers are into Kinky Sex

Bondage, sleazy places and dungeons, sadism. All swingers wear leather clothing and are obsessed with kinky sex. Read about kinky sex in the swingers dictionary.

All Swingers Practice Unsafe Sex

Swingers never use condoms and are careless in their sexual affairs. How about the use of condoms?

Swingers are Weird and Unhappy People

Swingers have absolutely have no family life, kids or regular jobs. And if they work, they are certainly no advocate or doctor or have a high education. They have no loving relationship with their partner and seek their fun in sex with others. How about the relationship of swingers?

Swingers Want to Convert Everyone

You have to be careful when becoming friends with swingers because they will try to convert you into their lifestyle. Always! And when you invite them to your birthday party they show up in kinky clothes and try to talk your friends and family into swinging as well. Maybe your neighbors are already swingers…

And now just a few true facts, according to some studies:


  • Swingers are not wild and sex crazed.
  • The average age for women to start swinging is 34.
  • The average age for men to start swinging is 35.
  • The majority of the swingers have about 14 years of education.
  • More than 72% have religious affiliations. Compared to 61% of the general population. share some revelations from several studies, amongst them a 2000 study conducted by Dr. Curtis Bergstrand and Jennifer Blevins Williams. All figures still hold in 2016.

  • Most swingers, 89.4% of swingers are either married or in a committed relationship that has lasted for an average of 10.5 years.
  • More and more people discover swinging.
  • 78.5% of swinging couples are happier and more satisfied with their intimate life. For “vanilla” couples it’s just 64%.
  • Swinging increase happiness: 90.4% admit that swinging adds a new and happy flavor to the lives of unhappy or bored couples. That does not imply that the relationship was bad! Most of them have a caring relationship, but are just missing the juice in their sex life.
  • The American divorce rate is about 52% — and 98% of those couples are non-swingers and monogamous people.

Do you tell family and friends that you are swingers? Or have you ever tried telling someone? More articles and new friends at SDC

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