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The term Kundalini, derives from India, and essentially means the coiled sexual energy at the base of the spine. It is usually depicted as a coiled snake. The snake symbolizing the sexual energy and the potential danger of releasing this energy unexpectedly, like the sudden venom of a snake bite. Yes, it can be dangerous to release this sexual power without guidance or understanding. But releasing kundalini can intensify the sexual connection and make it profound and life-changing. Rather than just “sport sex,” sexual interactions that focus on releasing kundalini can result in cellular orgasms through the entire body, heart and soul.

I have guided many individuals, couples and small groups through this kundalini release process. It is like being plugged in to an electrical outlet. The body has to be prepared for an influx of energy. The stronger and healthier our bodies, the more possibility for expanded sexual connection and fulfillment.

Exploring sexual transformation

I made reference to the kundalini connection in E for Eroticism. When two people consciously connect sexually through the energy centers (chakras) and purposely direct that energy through the entire body, that sexual energy can be used for healing, opening, and expansion. When connected with the heart the potential for sexual healing and planetary transformation exists.

I talk about sexual transformation through the chakras in my book Soul Sex and the importance of activating our sexual centers.

Kundalini is an activation of all of the energy centers and an explosion of energy throughout the entire body, heart and soul. To experience a kundalini awakening first it is important to activate the different energy centers (chakras).

Aligning your chakras

The first chakra is our connection to our bodies and this earth. The body is the vehicle through which we experience life, and loving. It is essential to keep our physicality healthy so we can enjoy our sexual experiences. Feeling grounded is a key aspect of this chakra and sex is a great way to help ourselves feel embodied! Also, our connection with nature and Mother Earth is an important part of activating this energy center. So making love outside, in nature, can really help activate this chakra. The color red is associated with this energy center so eating red foods, wearing red, and visualizing red can be very helpful.

The second chakra’s associated color is orange. It is centered in the sexual reproductive organs of the body, and lower back. Focusing the energy on that particular area and making movements to activate that center can help the release of kundalini through the sexual center. Flowing, soft, sensual touch and movements help generate energy in this center. Focusing movements from the genitals and lower back, thrusting the hips, creating circular motions, feeling the circling of the coiled snake start to awaken…

Then pulling the energy generated in the second chakra up to the third power center located in the solar plexus is next. Feel the fire igniting in the center of your being. Allow your source, your sun to be activated and awakened. Usually doing something active can help, such as something really physical like full on dancing, bonking, or fire breathing, something to activate the fire within. Imagine the yellow of the sun burning from within. Feel that sexual passion burning within.

Pull that energy up

Then pull that powerful sexual fire energy up into your heart and feel yourself bathed in green soft-loving energy. Feel it within yourself then merge hearts with the one you are with, feeling each other’s heart pound, feeling the chest expand with each breath.

Keep bringing that sexual energy up into your throat, the fifth chakra. Visualize the color blue and start verbalizing positive words, compliments, sexual fantasies… sensual loving noises, responses. As if you are eating a bowl of icecream or some yummy chocolate. Allow your throat chakra to open with Ahhh sounds….

Then pull that kundalini energy up to the third eye. Connect your forehead with your partner and feel bathed in purple light. Feel the energy flowing up from your base chakra, up your spine to your third eye. Feel it activating your ability to tune in to your intuition, to feel your partner, to know intuitively what to do, where to touch, how to be the most awesome lover you can possibly be.

Feel it from top to bottom

The energy of the third eye can be very strong. Keep pulling it up to your crown chakra, your seventh energy center on top of the head. Feel the flow of energy from your base chakra to your crown chakra. If possible get into a flow of thrusting and working your genital area together to generate more and more sexual energy then pull that energy up your spine to the top of your head.

Feel it flow in circles up your spine, through the top of your head, then back into your partner (or yourself if you are solo) and allow that kundalini to awaken and activate your cells as it flows up and through and out and back.

Keep building that sexual energy until orgasm and feel that orgasm flow through every center/chakra and every cell in your body. Feel that orgasm expand your energy field to connect with your partner and on out into the universe. Feel that expanded kundalini energy connecting you with all that is…

It is important to then ground that kundalini energy back into your base chakra and see that coiled serpent energy put away safely!

Without conscious practice and understanding the kundalini release can be dangerous, like a snake awoken from a deep sleep without being ready to awaken. I highly recommend working with a conscious sex worker/tantrica/provider who understands kundalini release and is willing to guide you through the process. I have taken many people through this process and love it. Many people are happy to have “just sex” but many more feel “just sex” becomes empty after a while and want something deeper and more profound. If you are happy with “just sex” then that is great! Continue to enjoy these physical bodies. They are so much fun. But if your heart desires more, then start exploring the kundalini energy. Come to one of my workshops on a lifestyle cruise or at a lifestyle resort. Next is L for Lust…https://www.sdc.com/health/sexual/k-is-for-kundalini/

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