A Night to Remember

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This military man’s first lifestyle experience was a New Year’s Eve he’ll never forget.

The night was New Year’s Eve, 1993, and I had nothing to do. Like a good sailor, I reported to the base to recover an aircraft that was returning before we called it for the festivities that day. For some unexplained reason, I decided to ask my co-worker what was happening around town, if he had any plans, and if I could tag along. He was kind enough to tell me that he made plans with his girlfriend, but if I was looking to have some fun to call a cab and ask to go to Thad’s Place. Any cabbie will take me there. I was informed that it was going to be quite easy to get laid, and I should relax and go with the flow. Following my training, I went to the Exchange and got a large box of 13 condoms. You can never be too ready.

Thad’s Place

I got ready, put on my best attire of the day, and proceeded to call a cab. Upon arrival, I was dropped off in front of a house on a dark corner with all the windows blacked out. It was my habit to go around town with at least a gun on my hip — my service weapon. Just in case, I ensured there was one in the chamber and proceeded to take off the safety. Upon walking through the front door, I found myself in front of a gorgeous California blond asking me if this was my first time and if I was in the military, to which I replied yes. She handed me a “release form,” which stated: 1. You will encounter nudity. 2. You will encounter sexual acts. Upon reading the second one, I signed and paid my $40. Mind you, I was a single guy on a holiday night walking into an experience I’d never encountered. I was later told that no one reads number 3, which states that all males must leave their clothes at the lockers and walk in with a towel. She assigned me a locker, where I placed my gun and all my belongings. Eagerly, I made my way to the door because things had gotten interesting.

Upon walking in, I saw this lovely and gorgeous Mexican lady with curves like a Coke bottle being royally fucked by this huge black guy against a pool table. At 19, I immediately got fully erect and engorged. Items 1 and 2 just got checked.

Lifestyle Baptism

My towel was no longer a towel; it became a white flag waving into the darkness. Suddenly, I felt a small and strong hand reach around my cock and yank me to the side. I saw a rather large woman, and she pulled me to an open area with a mattress and pushed me toward it. She got down onto her knees and started to suck on my cock. This had officially become my second sexual experience of my life.

Her mouth worked down the shaft and played with the base of my cock’s head. She then put a condom on — none of the ones I brought with me — and saddled on top and rode me while squatting all over my cock. My first thoughts were, “damn, she can move!” I went blank for a second, and my throbbing cock was releasing its juices into the rubber as it pulsated into pleasure and orgasm. As soon as she felt this, she grabbed the base of my cock, pulled the condom with all my juice inside, tidied up, and walked away. My first reaction was saying, “lady, that belongs to me.” A couple standing next to us saw and heard us and started into a spat of laughter, thinking that was the funniest thing they’ve ever seen. I was still in a state of confusion, as everything was very fast, and I just got baptized into the lifestyle. The night wasn’t over. Not by far!

My First-Night Marathon

I got to mingle and learned more about swinging in California. I was then told that there were more like them all over the world. I got to participate in a threesome and a gangbang on the same night. I shared the experience with a total of five women, with the third one at midnight. It hit midnight right as she was sucking my cock dry and I came into her mouth. Around 4 am on January 1st, 1994, I blew my last load — or so I thought.

There was this lovely brunette who I was fucking against the wall. She had the perfect round ass, and I was fucking her while holding onto the tightest and perfectly-sized breasts in my hands. I felt the feeling of cum, but there was something amiss — no cum. When she asked me how many people I had sex with, I honestly answered five. She laughed and told me I was dried, but she wanted to play again sometime.

She Dries Up the New Guys

A couple was heading toward downtown San Diego and offered me a ride so I could get back to my base. I took their offer and went off into the night. I had an afternoon watch, so I wanted to get a few hours of sleep beforehand. I got to the base and proceeded to hit the rack. My cock was hard when I woke up because I was running the experience over again in my dreams, but there was a problem… I couldn’t move. They sent Shore Patrol (Military Police for the Navy) to see why I missed my watch. I informed them I couldn’t move and needed to enter the room and get me a Meat Wagon (ambulance).

I was taken to Balboa Park Naval Hospital to be checked out. I was asked by a young male lieutenant what I did the night before. I told them in explicit detail where I had gone and what had happened from 9 pm to 4 am the previous night. I later learned that the same brunette lady had done the exact same thing before and managed to injure a few sailors and Marines during this process. As per the lieutenant, she only did this to the new guys, but I should be able to recover in a few days. I was given muscle relaxants and a week of medical rest — enough to get back into the saddle and go back to Thad’s. What can I say? I’ve been hooked into swinging ever since — 26 years!

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