A Shining Light from the Dark

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He arranged a threesome for him and his wife with an anonymous man, and the experience awakened them to the world of swinging.

At exactly 9 pm, I heard the screen door open. I glanced up, and I was relieved to see a person that fit the profile pictures. I swore I felt a slight twinge of excitement from her mouth on my cock, but I was so nervous that I couldn’t tell for sure. He started to remove his clothes, and I just closed my eyes. I could hear the sounds of his clothes being discarded, and then the condom wrapper ripped open. “Here we go” is all I could think. Then I felt him position her to gain access and then… she moaned. Not the moan you hope to get when a girl has you in her mouth. No, it’s the moan that silently screams pleasure from her entire being.

Exploring the Idea of Swinging

Two weeks ago, a man having sex with my wife was the farthest thing from my mind. It all happened innocently enough with some modest research and a conversation on the swinging lifestyle. Our adventure started with the question, “would you ever sleep with a woman?” Surprisingly, my normally quiet and reserved wife smiled and said, “sure, that sounds fun.” That evening, the pillow talk was amazing, as we imagined a sexy female playing with my 5’1, 110 lbs beauty with brunette hair long enough to just cover her nipples on her perfectly-shaped (and paid for) 34D breasts. 

The following day, we excitedly went to the local bookstore to find anything we could on “swinging.” We bought a popular book and discussed all of the topics that were addressed, including playing partners. For some reason, I assumed it would be females and maybe adding couples in the future, but then my wife asks: “what about guys?” It sounded so casual, but I kept repeating that question in my head. As a quintessential alpha male, I had not truly considered that possibility. For me, each discussion on jealousy and insecurity was making sure she was comfortable with another female. However, no matter how hard I tried, I was stuck without a good and reasoned response. 

The next week was filled with my own self-directed research on insecurity and jealousy. I could only imagine the fear of her looking at another man and smiling like she smiled at me. After days of soul searching, I was about to throw in the towel on our swinging adventure because I didn’t trust that my insecurities and fears wouldn’t surface. I also knew enough of the lifestyle that drama was not only unwelcome, but it was also a clear sign that you did not belong. A drama in a threesome with a female is one thing, but drama while she was having sex with another man was frightening. Then, one horny Saturday morning, I had an idea. Our home was in a private and secluded neighborhood, with a screened-in back porch and a small lake behind our house. I told my wife that tonight we would try to include a single male. She seemed hesitant but finally agreed, and our adventure began.

Finding the Right Single Male

I started searching the popular swinging sites of the time, and, as is often the case, there was no shortage of single males. I had no idea what I was looking for and just started sending messages to a few that seemed to fit the bill. We were in our early 30s, and, for some reason, I wanted someone closer to our age, though I realize now it didn’t matter that much. What I really wanted was a male that was agreeable to my requests and was respectful to me — regardless how sexy my wife was. Within a matter of minutes, I received a message back from one that seemed to fit the bill. 

I explained that it was our first time, and there would be some rules. I told him that at exactly 9 pm, he would walk into our back porch, say nothing, put a condom on, and have sex with her. When he was done, he’d just quietly leave the same way he arrived. After laying out my plan over many messages, he agreed, and the night was set.

It’s Time

At 8:30 pm, I placed a condom on the outside table and then started to worry what would happen if that one broke. So, I put out three condoms and then worried that he’d stick around and use all of them! But I decided that we were in this far, and the night would be what it would be.

My wife showered, put on sexy makeup, and looked amazing in her skimpy white lingerie and high heels. I still hadn’t decided exactly “how” the sex would go, and I was in a panic. Finally, I told her to only keep her heels on and take everything else off. Quizzically, she looked at me, but, sensing my own nervousness, she complied. At 8:50, we walked to the back porch and had one more hug, which I now know is commonly called a “check-in.”

At 8:55, we were both naked on the back porch with me standing against the wall near the condoms. I guided her to bend over, put my soft cock in her mouth, and just waited. She started sucking my cock as she had many times before, but I held her still. I needed to concentrate, and I had to try to slow my heart rate so I wouldn’t pass out. 

In the darkness, the screen door quietly opened, and I held on. Now, this man was inside my wife, and my heart was racing from nervousness and excitement. He slowly moved inside her, and she was slowly taking me deeper into her mouth. The next few minutes were filled with her muffled but intense moans, and she was rapidly breathing while I was in her mouth. Then, for the first time, I heard what it was like to hear someone’s body slapping against my wife’s ass that wasn’t mine. He started to pound her so hard that she placed one hand on my stomach and one on my legs just to hold on. It was as if he was guiding her mouth to the perfect blowjob with each thrust. Then I heard a male for the first time start to orgasm, and I was surprised to find my own cock responding. With my eyes closed, I could feel him rapidly fucking her pussy, and I couldn’t help but respond by fucking her mouth. Then, with the guttural sound that men make, he came inside her. I couldn’t hold on any longer and started to cum what seemed like forever in her mouth. 

With her mouth still holding my softening cock, I opened my eyes and saw him dress and retrieve his used condom and wrapper. He wordlessly slid out the back door and quietly made his way around the house. As he slid namelessly into the darkness, my wife looked up at me with her sexy smile, and I knew at that moment, there was a bright light exposing a whole new world to us.

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