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This wife recalls their first time at a swing club, where they went from nervous voyeurs to full-swappers all in a single night!

It all became real when we started showering together, grooming each other in anticipation of what may happen later on that evening. As I outlined him, I was thinking I wanted him to look perfect but still my liking. As we got dressed, I felt sexy, and he looked so incredibly hot, I felt a thrill run through me. As we left the room, he asked, “are you ready for this?” Taking a deep breath, I gave a shakey, “yeah,” and then I asked him, “are you?” He seemed so tense but replied, “we will see how it goes.” While driving along to our destination, music played and I didn’t even think about it anymore; I was pretty much was lost in my own thoughts, I guess trying not to overthink everything. It wasn’t until we pulled up my heart started beating and I gulped — this was it — a whole new ball game we were getting into.

Upon entering the establishment, the two women hostess were so chirpy and vibrant, and everything seemed so natural to the. This is their world, and we were just coming to play in it for a while. I watched as they swiped his card… should I say, “no, no, I changed my mind??” was raging through my head, but I watched him. I’m here with my husband. I’ve always felt safe with him, and I knew he wouldn’t leave my side.

We entered, and it wasn’t so bad… Hmmm, it looked like a regular club with bar dance floor, and even little appetizers were being served. It was darkened with the glow of lights and many stripper poles in the middle. What piqued my interest was the men and women walking around in towels around their waist. He motioned to me that he wanted to use the restroom. Ugh, now I didn’t want to be left alone for a minute, but he went, and I could feel eyes undress me… whoa… He returned, and we saw that there was another entry behind frosted glass. Everyone wearing towels was coming in and out of that area, laughing, holding glasses, and drinking. We weren’t sure, so we asked if we can just go and look around. We were instructed that we needed a locker and towels to go in. He looked at me, “you want to?” It’s now or never, so, nodding my head, I say okay. 

After changing out of our clothes and stripping down to nothing but my heels, I felt a tinge of excitement. I instantly began to feel hot — being naked always does this to me. I smiled as I looked at my husband; he had his towel wrapped so tight around his torso, and I could tell he was getting excited but still had to play it cool. We opened the frosted doors and walked in. 

Men and women dressed in their towels were there, and wide couches and pillows lined the walls. There were small cubicles with couches, some hidden with thin curtains. I immediately saw two couples side-to-side licking each other, their asses bared to the world. I could hear moaning from the other side — whoa, whoa, wow! I felt myself blushing like I wasn’t supposed to be watching. I didn’t want people to observe me watching! Adverting my eyes, I tried to look anywhere else than someone’s ass or tits, but it was everywhere! My husband was wanting to look around; I watched him take in everything. He couldn’t stay still; he, too, seemed like it was so surreal here, and there were people of all ages, all sizes, and races.

We explored every nook and cranny but were curious about the locked doors. I couldn’t get over the number of people just having sex openly on the couches, licking, sucking, and fondling each other. There was a crowd of men in a small corner with a woman crouched over, sucking a man’s cock whilst being pounded from behind. Surrounding her were men holding and caressing their dicks waiting for their turn, I assumed. 

The night continued this way, and I could feel my pussy dripping increasingly wet. As we stood watching a threesome, a man and his wife walked by. I could feel them appraising us earlier in the night. He stopped and invited us to play in one of the rooms that we were curious about. My mind went blank, and I looked at my husband questionably. I could see that he looked excited, so I said, “let’s go and see, but we don’t have to do anything if we don’t want to.”

We entered the lion’s lair; it was a small room with a couch, but there was a glass window so people could observe what you were doing in the room. Ahhh… The couple who invited us in seemed to pick up on that this was our first experience and seemed very pleased to tell us about the place and point out that we had been standing just watching in the wrong place. As I listened to the couple, I felt at ease; they had obviously done this before. My husband, however, blurted out that we were here just to have fun and to soft swap. My ears perked up to that. Soft swap? The couple agreed, and I felt no pressure at all. 

At that point, I was dripping wet and wanted to be satisfied by my husband. I began sucking him; I love to feel him grow hard in my mouth. I was kissing his balls, and in the corner of my eye, I watched the other couple sucking and then he turned his wife over and began taking her from the back. The sound of her moaning turned me on, watching her so up close and personal. My husband, by then, had flipped me over and had entered me — that feeling! As he pounded into me, I had this overwhelming feeling and curiosity about how the other man would feel. Without another thought, I whispered to my husband and asked if he had condoms. He instantly stopped and looked at me and asked if I was sure and that he could get them. I nodded I was ready I wanted to try; being there in that moment, I wanted to try. My husband came back and motioned to the couple if they wanted to swap. I nervously asked his wife if it’s okay, and since she seemed foreign, she smiled and laughed and was like, “sure, sure!” This was it — this was it! 

I was on my knees on the couch facing the glass windows, and I heard the guy say, “here goes, are you ready?” He entered me, and I felt a nice pressure. I could feel him gliding in a nice rhythm. Trying to get attuned to him, I felt myself pushing back. I heard him say how good it felt and how beautiful I looked, but my eyes were locked to my husband because he was getting his dick sucked — thoroughly. “Here I am, watching my husband get his dick sucked,” was running through my mind, and it is hottttt! I grasped his hands because I wanted him to know that we were still connected, and as we were doing that, the guy was pounding me from behind, and I could feel him shudder he came. He slipped out and explained how good it felt; meanwhile, I was praying that the condom stayed in place.

We laid on the couch, and I watched my husband lay her on her back. He entered her, and I was thinking, “she’s so lucky to sample my dick, and I hope she likes it as much as I do; I can’t get over how incredibly hot and sexy this is.” Meanwhile, the man ran oil over my breasts and slightly touched my clit. He murmured how beautiful I am. He was respectful in his touches, and I was relieved that he took notice that I didn’t want to be kissed. I could tell he was getting hard again, but my husband called me over and wanted me to assist with pleasing him. 

I licked his balls whilst the lady sucked him. Ahhhhh, I felt being taken from behind again. It felt good; I like a fast pace, and it’s funny that his wife motioned him to go fast too to match my pace, but throughout this, I had my eyes glued to my husband. He was taking it all in, and I saw desire all in his eyes. I felt myself cumming, and my husband whipped off his condom, and I took him in the mouth, sucking his sweet cum. Wow, explosive! Mind-boggling! Wow, again!! I was tingly all over and felt myself floating on that high. 

Afterward, there was no awkwardness. It’s amazing how the couple was so easy going, and I am so grateful that they made our first experience such a good one. We talked and hugged each other and said our goodbyes. Our very first experience ran through my mind as we dressed to leave — we were officially swingers.

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