Amateur Hotwife’s First BJ for Another Man

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This husband shared his fantasy of his wife being with other men. Well, it finally happened — in the most unlikely of places.

It was a beautiful morning; the sun was shining, and the warmer weather was beginning to make its appearance. She was so thrilled about springtime approaching: the sun, the beach, laying out by the pool… it was her favorite time of year. She was excited because this was the first year in a long time that she felt good about herself.

Having quite a bit on her mind, she heard the text tone from her hubby. She loved receiving texts from him. Especially lately; he recently opened up to her about his desire that he kept hidden for many years… he always envisioned his wife with other men. When she heard, of course there was hesitation; however, she quickly latched onto the idea of taking another man’s dick.

“Put on something cute.” She read his text and smiled. Then another text came through. “There is a mobile detailer on his way to detail our van.” She smiled again, knowing how bad their van needed to be detailed, but what was more intriguing to her was the word “his.” Since agreeing to the lifestyle, there really hasn’t been an opportunity to play with another guy. So, before she responded, a thought crossed her mind, she wondered if this mobile detailer would be cute… She sent back a text with these words, “Thank you! I love you!”

“What should I wear?” She asked herself. She was feeling so good since dropping weight and gaining a ton of confidence. She pulled out a sexy bra, a plain black tank top, and some cute soft shorts. Deciding not to overdo it, her hair just went back into a low ponytail. And, to complete the outfit, around her ankle went her new Hotwife anklet.

When the time came, the detailer showed up. She greeted him. He greeted her. After really getting a good look — you know those looks, the up and down stare — she decided he was rather cute.

They started some small talk as he began to get out all of his materials. Stage one: just small talk. They both held a great conversation. She was attempting to set the tone to pull him into her now new naughty ways. Stage two: she cast the reel and begin to change the topic to one of a more sexier tone. She started flirting and giving him the body language that says, “I’m ready.” She needed to see if he would go along with her ways. Stage three: get bold and mention what she wanted. He was very into her. He caught on quickly, and before they both knew it, it was “break” time. He needed a break. She mentioned she would be willing to give him a BJ. He mentioned he would be willing to accept it.

Her nerves were all shook up; this would be the first dick in her mouth since agreeing to being a Hotwife. Her mind was racing, and her body was feeling all sorts of on. Up until this moment, she had been updating her husband with quick flirty texts. He never expected her to actually suck the detailer, only just flirt a little. She decided not to tell her husband until after the deed was accomplished.

She didn’t want to bring him into the house, so where would they play? She was new at this and hadn’t figured out the action stage yet. With sex on the brain and nerves in the body, a natural instinct kicked in, and they both put their minds together. He told her to get the keys to the van, turn on the AC, and that she would just suck him in the van. So she did just as he said as well as blasted some music.

She climbed in the back and sat right next to him. They start kissing. Tasting another man’s tongue had her mind all over the place! She was actually kissing someone she just met! She was actually kissing someone — period. She straddles him. The sensation of sitting across another man’s lap, who wasn’t her husband, and feeling his dick harden, was so exhilarating to her. He pulls out his hard dick. She grabs it and begins to go down on him. Loving the first lick and twirling of the tongue, he grabs her hair and pulls so lightly. He begins to caress one of her breasts and asks if he could finger her. Her mind was out of control, and her body was so ready. She couldn’t believe this was happening. She agreed, and into her wet pussy slides his fingers. He pulls down her shorts and moves his fingers into her now very wet vagina once again, his time going harder. She brings his head to her chest and moans lightly.

There are so many thoughts racing in her precious mind. She is making sure no one is around, thinking about how it is broad daylight, and anyone could see what was going on. Despite the what-ifs, she found herself turned on even more. Before going back down on him, she shares how she will try and swallow for him. He smiled and told her he had a towel just in case. They are both so ready. This time, he grabs her head and starts forcefully moving it up and down on his hard dick, getting her to deep-throat it. Next thing she knows, his hand is on her ass, slapping it. How deep his dick was in her mouth, making her gag, a few moments later, he tells her, “I’m gonna go!” He shoots once, and she swallows but then grabs the towel and spits out the rest out. She needed to practice swallowing, as that was something she never did with her husband pre-lifestyle.

Once they regain composure, she pulls her shorts up and sits down next to him. They chit chat for a minute, and then he gets up to finish his job. Both are remembering how hot it was. They go back to just chatting aimlessly about nothing. After a little while later, he finally completed his job. “I’ll see ya!” he says, and she responds, “Yes, you’ll def see me!”

“I did it!!” She sent a text to her hubby. “Did what?” “I sucked him!!!” He was beyond thrilled. He could not believe it either. He still had a few more hours left of work, and all he wanted was to have his wife. That night, they shared a sexy time together, and from that point on, many more sexy moments would be shared on their new journey of being a Hotwife couple.

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