Awakened By Lust, Swinging, We Must

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Lured by the thrill of swinging, this couple approached the door and stepped through into a new dimension of lust and pleasure.

It was an October night, in these parts of the world where October feels nice; more than nice, actually — warm, inviting, and enticing. We have talked about, discussed it, even planned every little detail — the safe word, the escape look, the “I am not ready for this” or “ I changed my mind” stare. We have decided to meet in a restaurant, a safe place for us newbies, in a country where everything was so safe that the scene by itself was so dangerous and oh-so incriminating. The thrill was tripled, as swinging by itself wasn’t forbidden enough. And believe me, when I tell you in my oriental world, it so was.

Our Awakening

Unfashionably late, as usual, we arrived. Politely, they introduced themselves. I like them. Her nonchalant elegance in an over-planning society, her unthreatening smile, and her flat shoes!!! I come from a modeling background and always saw myself as a feminist with high heels, and here she was, smiling, defying, looking gorgeous, but with flat shoes! And here I was, way beyond my comfort zone, looking at her, admiring her audacity and… seducing her and him. 

He was easier, simpler — a clear target. A few hair flips, a witty smile, a kiss on my hubby’s neck, an innocent flirty comment for the Miss, and he was there, totally present, totally succumbing, totally mine. 

My babe was the easiest prey at all, willingly volunteering at my altar, my scene, my world. If life is about selfless giving and compassion, then lust is about selfishness and the I cultivation. Consider it the other side of the coin if you wish, the duality and the nature of the existence. Whatever makes you sleep at night — or not.

We weren’t there at that moment to define things, but to experiment with them. I deeply knew that it was a night of no return, where befores and afters lurk. It would be either a gate opening to another world or one just closing behind us. I was aware of that. We were aware of that. But little did we know of the tantalizing seduction that awaited us. Little did I know that between her lips, I would discover a totally new dimension — a new flavor, a divine elixir that keeps me coming back! 

Swinging with the moon ‘til the stars turn to dust, lured by the tune. Awakened by lust, swinging, we must…

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