Collision in Four: A Meeting Worth Mentioning

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What began as a chat between the ladies led to a delightfully sexy evening and a lasting friendship between these two couples.

Our first experience in four was with a couple from out of town, and they came especially for the “collision in four” with us. Prior contact was made on WhatsApp, where only ladies spoke, sharing girls’ secrets and fantasies — fulfilled and unfulfilled. When they entered our door, she was exactly as we knew from the discussions (brunette, beautiful, tanned in Greece, silicone, a well-built, harmonious, slightly tense woman — that’s understandable). Yet, he was the big surprise. Just as excited (and even more excited than his wife), he hid the whole situation under a Transylvanian, nonsensical, absolutely conquering humor. We kissed (us, the ladies), the gentlemen shook hands and evaluated each other from the looks, and we threw ourselves on the sofas and armchairs for socializing.

My husband opened two bottles of wine and poured me a fine liqueur. There was no need to get half the glasses; we became friends from the first. The gentleman has fabulous humor, a genuine self-irony, very cool, very cool. We laughed with tears, all four — the entrance door was shaking from our laughing. Sex? With everything! Obviously, the first time we took each other in our arms and kissed for a long, long time. The lady has a sweet mouth and a naughty tongue. I licked her everywhere and parked with all the equipment in between her legs, while the gentlemen sucked her breasts and she moaned excitedly. I felt it moisten in my mouth. Then the gentlemen intervened and gave her a double… attention. 

After a while, we moved into the living room on the couch. The male guest brought out two red satin scarves, and we were put on the couch, fastened to the eye so we couldn’t see anything. We were not allowed to use our hands. Just smell, touch with our lips, and try to guess whose it is. It was a meeting with everything. Even the minuses that have been recorded (it can’t be perfect from the first to something like this, let’s be serious!) have been automatically erased in an atmosphere of laughter and humor. I didn’t have sex like that before in my life; I was laughing and I had an orgasm at the same time. 

After a while, my husband took the beautiful one on the balcony to have a cigarette, both in bare skin with wine glasses in hand. I had a chat with my guest. A man of humanity, open-minded, who loves his wife and wishes for her all the best. An exemplary family. Something that I like and I hadn’t seen in a long time. Although they have been together for many years, our two guests are laughing with and at each other, a very healthy laugh. He is amused by everything, like children. And how cool is a couple’s life when your partner keeps making you laugh after all these years, right? At one point, when we were riding each other cross-partners, he said something to his wife’s ear, and she replied, “I can’t believe you said something like that now!” They both laughed like teenagers. I later found out he whispered to her that he loves her. It was super-super!

They stayed for about three hours and, if I had not been set at least seven hours of compulsory night sleep, I think the morning would have caught us all in the same bed. Sex is not necessarily a marathon and a parade of gymnastics skills. It’s humor, conversation, friendship, empathy, and fun, too.

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