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Couples’ resorts inspire their guests to push themselves into more adventurous sex, and this wife recounts their foray into the lifestyle in this member story.

We are a very sexual couple with an absolutely amazing sex life at home. Before Desire, we had never experimented with any type of swinging experience. Still, over the years, we have shared fantasies and wanted to see how much we would enjoy being in such a sexually charged atmosphere… I can tell you that we arrived two weeks ago as nervous newbies, taking a one-time trip to Desire and are now looking at booking a second trip before June!

Dipping Our Toes

Our first day there we had drinks and talked to people by the pool. There was such a great crowd there that we instantly felt at ease. It took a bit of an adjustment being around nudity — we tend to find leaving a little to the imagination more attractive, but that’s our preference, and of course, we didn’t judge anyone (which is 98 of the people there) for being full-on nude. My husband has always wanted to unleash my “inner lesbian,” and we’ve exchanged many fantasies involving me with another woman. We had fun by the pool watching couples, fantasizing, and thinking about what the evening could hold. 

As we were people watching, we noticed an attractive Canadian couple, and the woman had the most amazing breasts either of us had ever seen. After the pool, we went to dinner then to the outdoor disco. Everything was so hot as the anticipation and excitement of being at Desire kept us thinking about sex constantly. I had made a promise to my husband that I would do everything I was told, and I was so aroused every time he would whisper in my ear to sit with my legs spread or to drop something and bend down to pick it up with my ass in the air. I just wanted him to take me back to the room and fuck me, but I knew the night had more in store for us. We danced and drank, talked to people and had so much fun.

My First Experience with Another Woman

As the night went on, we found ourselves at the hot tub talking to the couple we had seen at the pool. I complimented the woman on her amazing breasts, and that was a bit of an ice-breaker for us. I told them it was our first night, and we asked them what they had gotten up to during their time at Desire. The husband told me that one of their hottest nights was having sex on the beds beside another couple. I found this to be a very sexy possibility, and I asked if they’d like to do that with us. The next thing I knew, we were naked on the beds out by the hot tub. I kissed the woman, and we felt each other’s bodies. It was extremely erotic, and before long, our husbands were fucking us. She and I were facing each other and continued to kiss and feel each other’s tits and bodies as our husbands fucked us. I always thought that if I were to have an experience with a woman, it would be solely for my husband, but in the moment, I found kissing and touching a woman to be simply fantastic. 

I wanted my husband to feel how wet her pussy was, and I took his hand and moved it between her legs, and together, we ran our fingers over her clit. That was so hot! I asked her if I could lick her, she said yes, and I proceeded to lick her as her husband fucked her. It was so erotic, licking her as I felt the rhythm of her husband’s cock inside her pussy. With my husband’s fingers in my pussy, I remember thinking it was such a fucking perfect moment because everything felt so good. I moved up toward her face, and she licked my pussy until I came very noisily, and then my husband pulled me back and fucked me until he came. We then watched as the couple beside us continued to fuck doggie style, and watching them was almost as hot as when we were doing it with them.

It Was So Hot, We Kept Going!

It was such a mind-blowing experience, and after it, I felt that we were where we belonged. I was so turned on by the time we got back to the room that I needed to be fucked again. I took my husband by the hand and led him to our balcony, bent over and touched my toes, and demanded that he take me hard in the ass. He did. We retired to bed, but every time we tried to sleep, we ended up fucking again. Throughout the night, we fucked four or five times and finally awoke in the morning exhausted and sore but ready to start a new exciting day.

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