Discovering Our Inner Exhibitionists

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Our first fuck party! It was Friday 27th July 2018, the hottest day in the UK so far that year (for more reasons than just the weather), and I turned 36 that day. My gorgeous girlfriend Gina had taken me to London for the day, doing touristy things such as visiting The London Dungeons, going to a speakeasy bar, etc.. Still, it was really the evening which I was most excited for. She had told me two weeks previous that my surprise birthday present would be a sexual experience I wouldn’t forget… And she was right!

London’s Le Boudoir

She had gotten us tickets to a sex club in London called “Le Boudoir,” and I was really excited to experience this with the girl who’s helped me come out of my sexual shell and I hers. We were staying about a two-minute walk from the venue on the 21st floor of a nearby hotel, and we could see various other apartments having parties from the incredible view from our windows. As we were getting ready, we were starting to feel excited and nervous about what lay ahead. We left the apartment and headed for the lift, Gina wearing a little black off the shoulder dress, high heels, her hair curled especially, and her eyes looking bigger and more beautiful than I’d seen in a while. She looked incredibly classy and sexy. I wore a shirt with cuff links, smart brown shoes, and blue suit trousers, we both looked like we were going to a wedding party rather than a sex club! 

We made our way outside the hotel, and the short walk to the venue did not take long. The outside was very discreet, and we were surprised just how normal it looked… We rang the bell, and a few seconds later, the door buzzed, and we pushed it open. As the door opened, we could see erotic photos and pictures on the wall and a reception desk around the corner. As we paid our entrance fees, the beautiful girls behind the desk gave us a quick description of where everything is in the club and what not to do. With that, we turned around and pushed open the double doors opposite the desk as the girls said, “have fun.”

Exploring the Club

As we walked through the main doors to the club, we could see a seating area on the left and right, and further towards the back was more seating, standing tables, a dance floor complete with a stripper pole, and a bar at the far right with fridges for storing your alcohol. It did feel a bit intimidating at first as we walked, though. There were only a few people in there, scattered around the various seating areas. The majority were men, but you did feel all eyes on us checking us out; well, Gina, anyways, but we didn’t let that stop us. We made our way to the fridges, unloaded what seemed like enough drink for five people, let alone us two, then headed to the lockers to put away our bags and phones. As this isn’t a normal club, no cameras or phones were permitted, and you had to bring your own alcohol, although water and soft drinks were provided in the fridges. 

Once unloaded, we decided to have a walk around the club to see where everything was. There were private rooms, glory hole areas, a dark room, a room at the back with a big TV and a round bed, a dungeon complete with cells, leather chairs, a sex swing, various toys and cuffs on the wall, a couple of gymnastic horses, and a big X-shaped rack you could handcuff someone to and have your wicked way with…

As it was still early, none of the rooms had anything happening, and people were still gathering in the main room. We sat down on a sofa in the corner, and it wasn’t long before a well-mannered, confident-looking man came and sat with us. He seemed very polite and well-dressed. He was in his early thirties and said it was his first time there, too. He said to us that tonight was for couples, single men, and single women and that Saturday nights are couples and single women only — no single men permitted, which was nice to know for next time?? We spoke for a short while, and then he went off while we decided to get more drinks and have a walk around the rooms again to see if anything was going on.

Sex Began Stirring…

By this time, the room was filling up with a mixture of couples and single men. Conversations were going on in all areas of the seating now, and people were walking around I assume doing the same as us. We went to the dungeon to see if there was anything going on in there, and a lone couple was playing with each other. She was sitting on a tall single leather chair, her skirt hitched up, and he was fingering her, his back facing the room. We were only in there 30 seconds and, in that time, another couple and a few single men came in to watch. We went to another of the rooms, which was quiet, and then the smoking area outside, and ended up back in the main bar area, which was now quieter. We wondered where everyone was, and then we saw a couple come out of a corridor near the entrance doors, so we headed that way.

The Orgy Room

Through the corridor, the stairs led to a single large room upstairs. As you walked through, on the right were three separate beds next to one another; a net curtain was hanging between these beds and the rest of the room, and at the back on the left were a couple of sofas and round padded stools and tables. To the left of the door was a big bed — the size of four double beds pushed together — and as we walked in, we could see this was the room everyone was in. 

It seemed quite surreal at first, as on the far bed of three was a couple getting it on, surrounded by men who were all touching and playing with the woman. It wasn’t long before another man started to fully join in on the action. The nearest of the three beds had a couple fully naked engaged in a 69, and again there were couples and men watching. On the big bed at the back was another couple fooling around still clothed, and a few guys and girls dotted around the bed and sofas. It felt like a very sensual room, compared to the dungeon we’d just been in.

Our First Audience

We watched the different couples and groups for a short while, as people kept coming in to see what was going on then leaving again, and it wasn’t long before we were touching and kissing each other. I suggested to Gina we should sit on the side of the big bed. I guided her over and sat her down, and proceeded to kiss her as I sat beside her. She pulled her dress down to reveal her beautiful breasts, which I kissed and groped. I glanced over and could see some people had now turned their attention to us, including a female couple — one dressed in a red outfit, the other in a black — who had turned on their seats to face us. I saw this, and it turned me on more than I thought it would. I could see Gina was also turned on by this new experience of having people in the room with us. 

This continued for a few minutes, both of us getting into each other, licking nipples, passionately kissing, subtle hair pulling… but I could feel a man right next to me, and this actually put us off a little bit as he was so close. I know this is what happens in a club like this, but for us, it was a bit off-putting, so we decided to stop for the moment and get some more drinks. Gina then decided to change into a very elegant see-through black lace flowing outfit so she could feel a bit more comfortable. She looked incredible, and she could tell because she had a lot of eyes on her as we continued to check each room out again before ending up in the top room again. 

This time, it was practically empty except for a muscular guy receiving oral from a small petite blonde at the far end of the big bed. We decided to sit down on the sofa at the opposite end and watch from a distance while we continued where we left off. I pulled out her breasts again and proceeded to kiss and suck them while running my hand up and down her thighs, almost touching her now-wet pussy. I could see the other couple watching us as we were starting to have fun, and this turned us both on a great deal. Still fully clothed, Gina sat on my lap and started riding me while I sucked on her tits, gently pulling her hair back and kissing her neck. 

I could see beyond her another young couple were now watching the couple at the end who were now having full-on sex; she was on all fours, her arms held up behind her back by this guy who was fucking her like a machine. It was quite impressive to see him throw her around in various positions while she moaned from the vigorous sex she was getting. 

There were other men now standing around watching, too. One sat on the sofa next to us so he could see the couples at the end and us, and another guy came and sat on the arm of the sofa we were on. He stroked Gina on her back, and I said to him no touching — I was surprised at how polite he was after and apologising, to which I replied that’s OK, it’s fine. He then walked off to watch the couples at the other end who were now engaged in a foursome, both girls laying next to each other kissing while their men fucked them in front of everyone.

Her Oh-So-Wet Orgasm

Gina then whispered in my ear, “I want you to finger me,” to which I replied, “now?” She gave me that look and nodded. She sat back down next to me and spread her right leg over mine as I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh. She was so wet, I could feel it on the tops of her legs. I ran my fingers around her clit, gently pushing in a finger then going back to rubbing her clit. I pushed two fingers deep inside, then pulled them out and held them up to her mouth, to which she opened and put her tongue out. I placed my dripping, stringy-wet fingers on her tongue and pushed them into her mouth. She could see people watching and put on a good show while she was making sure she could taste herself on every inch of my fingers. She told me she could cum from this if I kept it up, so I did, and before long, she was moaning with pleasure as she climaxed all over my hand, her body writhing with pleasure as the last few surges of ecstasy coursed through her body. We weren’t sure if people realised, as they were still concentrating on the foursome going on at the other end, but it didn’t matter if they did — it was sexy as hell.

The Sexy Crowd

Gina then said to me, “I’m going to make you cum tonight,” and led me down to the bar area to get a drink top-up. As we were getting our drinks, we could see the main room was now the busiest it had looked. Couples were flirting with other couples and other men, and there was a girl dressed only in a thong, leather strap top, and collar and chain, and she was being led around by a guy in his underwear. Another tall slim girl was wearing a black thong and bra set and was chatting to a guy by the tall tables and full-length mirror, watching people in it as they walked by checking her out from behind. The mix of women in there now seemed to be a little better than earlier on. We then proceeded to make our way back to the dungeon.

Getting Dirty in the Dungeon

Upon entering the dungeon, we could see a girl on all fours in one of the cells facing away from the room, and she was giving head to a man while another was kneeling next to her, fingering her pussy as her arse was facing up in the air. Gina led me to the end of one of the horses, where I sat and watched the girl in the cell being pleasured by two men and another now standing outside watching. Gina unbuttoned my shirt and started licking and kissing my nipples while I continued to watch the man outside the cage, now engage in the action with the girl, too. We then moved to a tall leather chair along the back wall. I was seated, and Gina stood in front, continuing to lick and tease my nipples and rub my cock through my trousers with her hand. She then took my now semi-hard cock out of my trousers and kissed and licked it, knowing full well we were being watched, too, but this didn’t stop us this time. Another guy came over to us and stroked her arm, to which Gina replied, no touching, and again this man was also very apologetic and continued to watch as Gina was now taking my hard cock deep into her throat. She would suck it a few times and lick around it before she then pushed her face hard on it, making a gagging sound before she would pull back and expose the trail of spit hanging from the end of my cock to her lips as she pulled her head away. This was making people aware of what was going on in the dimly-lit dungeon, and my eyes were now watching the tall blonde girl in the thong from the main room upstairs being restrained against the far wall, and two guys were fingering her, making her moan as others watched on.

I remember thinking how impressed with Gina I was that she could do this, knowing full well we were now being watched by a room full of people, and how impressed at myself I was in being able to get hard and not be to put off by the situation we were now right in the thick of. I guess that’s why we brought so much alcohol with us! 

Gina continued to suck my hard cock, gagging every so often, getting lost in the moment, and loving this exhibitionist side she’s now revealed to the room. I was loving seeing this side in her and felt very sexy knowing we were giving a good show to the people watching. She continually pushed herself deeper and deeper until, after a short while, I started to let out little moans. Gina knew I was close, so she found an extra gear and just went for it, pushing deeper and deeper, going harder and faster, gagging with each huge push until I let out a big groan of pleasure and came in the back of her throat. She swallowed the whole lot, and she slowed it down to a more sensual suck as she made sure to catch every last drop out of my cock. With this, she stood up, gave me a wink, and we ventured back up to the bar area. We didn’t end up staying too much longer, as it was now 2 am, and we both had a fair bit to drink, so we felt it was now time to leave.

We’re Now… Exhibitionists?!

We couldn’t have predicted what the night would be like, but it did indeed reveal that inside us, both we have this exhibitionistic side that we never really knew we had. The club itself is very elegant, and the people there were all polite and well-mannered. The staff would come around and freshen up so it would remain tidy and clean throughout the night. The only negative thing I can say from the whole night is that, due to it being a Friday, there were too many single guys there for our liking. I know couples like that, which is why it was a popular night, but at points, it did seem a little seedy for us. But, we have said when we next go back, we’ll make it a Saturday night instead so there should be more women there. We were hoping we may have found another girl to play with that night, but it wasn’t to be. It was still a great experience — one I do hope to visit again soon with my gorgeous girlfriend. Who knows what else we’ll discover about ourselves… Or anyone else?!

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