Fantasies Do Cum True

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She wanted to be hit on and picked up at a bar, and her fantasy went above and beyond her expectations!

I met my husband when I was 19, so I never got to experience being picked up at a bar or having a guy hit on me. My first swingers experience made up for all the missed opportunities… My husband and I had been talking to this couple for a few weeks before we actually met them. They knew my fantasy and were prepared to give me the hottest fantasy ever.

He Made Me Instantly Wet

I was told to sit at the end of the bar away from my husband. The bartender came up to me and asked what I was drinking and then pointed to this tall, sexy as fuck man and said he’d like to buy you a drink. Once I had my drink, I looked his way, and his eyes went right through me as I stared at him. My pussy instantly got wet. We couldn’t look away; we just stared at each other, and my pussy got even wetter. We talked about all the dirty things we wanted to do to each other. I told him I wanted him to feel how wet my pussy was. I took his hand, moved his fingers up my skirt, and put them inside my pussy. After his fingers slid into my wet pussy, I pulled them out and put each finger in my mouth one by one. After I licked my pussy off each of his fingers, I kissed his neck and nibble on his ear as I whispered how I wanted to feel his cock deep inside my throat as I choked on it. I moved my hand up his leg and grabbed his rock hard cock. 

He excused himself, and a minute later, he texted me to meet him in the bathroom. During this entire encounter, my husband and his wife were watching us from the other side of the bar. As I walked past them, I told them I was going to meet him in the bathroom. When I got to the bathroom, I started slowly kissing his neck, moving to his lips then working my way down to his cock. His cock was rock hard, and I couldn’t wait to choke on it. As I was choking on his cock, my mouth was filled with saliva, so I started slowly spitting on his cock. As I was spitting on his cock, I was looking up at him. My eyes were telling him I wanted to fuck him bad. After a couple times of me spitting on his cock, I started to stroke his rock hard cock all the way to the tip and then back down to his balls, looking at him the whole time. My eyes were begging for his cock inside my pussy. As my spit was dripping off his balls, I put them in my mouth and started sucking on them. As I sucked on his balls, I was staring at him with my cum fuck me eyes and stroking his cock. At that point, he turned me around, leaned me over the sink, and started fucking me from behind. With each thrust, I screamed for more. I begged for his rock hard cock to pound my pussy. Just when I was about to cum all over his rock hard cock, he stopped and told me we were going back to the hotel. My legs were shaking, and I could barely stand as I craved his cock even more. As I pulled down my skirt, he slapped my ass and kissed me as we left the bathroom.

Hotel Time!

At this point, we walked up to our spouses, kissed both of them, and told them to give us a head start to the hotel and then come join us. All the way to the hotel, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. I was sucking his cock, and he was fingering my pussy as he drove us to the hotel. When we got into the elevator, he pushed me up against the wall and started making out with me and fingering my pussy. Every finger that went into my wet pussy, I sucked clean. 

Once in the hotel room clothes were on the floor and we were all over each other again. I rode his cock like never before. I came multiple times and made noises I never made before. As I was riding his cock, my husband and his wife came in and watched me ride his cock for a little while. At that point, I called over his wife and started making out with her as I rode her husband’s cock some more. I brought him to the edge and then made him and my husband watch as I played with the wife. The wife was the sexiest woman I’d ever seen. She had curves in all the right places. I couldn’t wait to get my hands all over her.

We started making out as our husbands watched. As I kissed her, I started to undress her. As I took off each article of clothing, I kissed the body part it came off of. She then pushed me down on the bed and started kissing me all over. Her lips started with my lips, and then she worked her way down to my neck, kissing it and nibbling on my ear. When she got to my ear, she whispered how she couldn’t wait to taste my pussy, which sent goosebumps throughout my entire body. I begged her for more. She worked her way to my nipples, making sure each one of them was super hard, and even after I told her to stop, she continued to make my nipples even harder. She then made her way to my pussy. She moved her tongue all over the outside of my pussy. With each lick of her tongue, my body quivered for more. I begged for more. As she was licking my pussy, I asked her to kiss me so I could taste my pussy on her. After tasting my pussy on her, all I could think about was fucking her. She then put her finger into my pussy. First, she started out slow, and then she put a second finger in and started to get more aggressive. As she was fingering my wet pussy, she started kissing me again. Her lips were amazing… I could have kissed her all night. She fucked me like I had never been fucked. I came multiple times. 

After playing with the wife, I needed to be fucked again. The husband man-handled me and made me want him more. He pounded me from behind, and then turned me over and started fucking me. The weight of his body and the thrust of his cock made me cum again. I begged for his cum in my mouth. I told him I wanted to taste his cum. We finished with him cumming in my mouth. His cum tasted amazing, which made me cum back for more later. Needless to say, this couple gave me an experience that will never be matched, and to this day. I still get to have dirty, hot sex with them often.

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