First Cum First Serve

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Sometimes, it pays to explore your desires on your first visit to a swingers’ club. Allow your instincts to guide you — you never know what new tastes you’ll acquire.

As we both listened to the ringing of the phone, we looked at each other with nervous anticipation. The receptionist answered with a soft yet exciting sexy voice, “Thads, may I help you?” “Reservations for two,” I said, with a nervous crack in my voice as I looked over at Beth with one hand covering her excited, nervous, beautiful smile. I gave our details, and we jumped in the shower. We started to run down every scenario we could, and we both nervously spewed out our rules and conditions, as we had never been to a lifestyle club before, let alone an all-nude one. We hopped in the truck with enough stuff to go on a week’s vacation. Luckily, it was a quick drive on the 94 W, so we didn’t have time to chicken out.

As we arrived, it appeared to be relatively dead. We got out, and I grabbed our ridiculous amount of gear we thought we needed. We soon found out that this was quite the rookie mistake, as we walked through the door, we both quickly realized that the receptionist wasn’t so sexy at all. We received the run down and the rules then proceeded to the locker/creeper room. The rule is men are nude women are nude or in lingerie. As we started to undress, the creepers started to gather and gawk as they tried to watch my ever-so-hot Beth try to change. I quickly started to ask the, “may I help you?” questions just as our tour guide, RT, ran them off. 

We were escorted to the bar where we checked in our drinks and quickly downed two each. It’s BYOB, and you can’t take back what you don’t drink. As the ever-so-hip-gyrating RT gave us a tour of the 1970s-dated social club, we took note of the couples-only area and the semi-private rooms. We headed back downstairs and outside, where the temperature did not do my trying-to-come-out-and-say-hi semi any justice. We looked around and decided to take a seat right in what we now to be the “pick up spot.” RT hung around and continued to tell us everything we needed to know about everything he knew, which was everything. 

Before long, I saw Beth’s eyes shift, and I looked over to see the twenty-something well-hung exotic-dancer-looking Eli. After quick introductions, Eli asked if we got a tour. Before I could open my big mouth and say yes, Beth nervously said, “no, we didn’t see the upstairs.” At this point, I realized what was on Beth’s mind, and my semi started to warm up and point everyone in the direction of the stairwell. As I looked over at Eli and his bigger-than-me package, I started to get more excited at the chance to see him enter Beth’s nicely-shaved, tight, wet, little, pink pussy. 

As we walked up the stairs, I couldn’t get my eyes off of Beth’s now-naked rock-hard ass as she what seemed to be floating up the stairs. As soon as we got in the room, Eli didn’t waste any time grabbing hold of Beth, and he started to caress and suck on her perfect B-cup tits. I started to stroke my now rock-hard cock as I watched Beth and Eli play. For me, watching Beth play is like the perfect porno; I get to see my fantasy girl live, in action. 

As Beth reached over and grabbed hold of Eli’s impressively-hard-as-steel cock, she looked over at me with her big eyes and softly said with the most skin-tingling, make-you-want-to-blow-your-load sexy voice, “Is this OK’? Beth took Eli’s cock into her mouth and deep down her throat and gave him the blow job of his life, as he later told us. I moved over and spread her legs, then thrust my hard cock deep in her dripping-wet, tight, swollen pussy. As I began to tingle, I pulled out to where Beth could grab a cock in each hand, and she started to stroke. She then looked over at me again and said, “I want to fuck him.” I told her, “please, do.” 

Eli quickly put on a condom and moved on top of Beth as she grabbed his cock and inserted it into her perfectly-wet pussy in just a way so I could see it go in. I have always told Beth that I wanted to watch it go in. Just as I thought it was the hottest thing ever, I could tell that Eli was so turned on by the feel of being inside of Beth that it didn’t take him long to say, “I’m going to cum.” 

He pulled out and stood next to the bed while Beth finished him off by stroking and sucking his throbbing cock. As I started to fuck Beth again, Eli couldn’t hold it any longer and came all over Beth’s perfect tits. Seeing Eli’s cum all over Beth’s super-hard nipples made me want to lick it off. Without thinking, I started to lick Eli’s hot cum off of Beth’s tits, which made us both cum at once. 

We grabbed our bar of soap, took a quick shower, got dressed, and left. The moral of the story is, at Thad’s, all you need is condoms and soap.

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