First-Timer Fun at Le Trapeze

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Who wouldn’t go to a swingers’ club after seeing a Broadway show in New York?

Kim and I had been dating for two weeks and were in New York City on a weekend trip. Things were so new to us that we had not had sex yet. We had been French kissing but had gone any further at that point. She was not a virgin but had several previous live-in boyfriends. As we drove across mid-Manhattan toward Broadway to see a musical, we passed a marque that said, “Le Trapeze.” She asked what it was. I told her that it was a swing club. She asked, “What is a swing club?” and I told her. She thought a while and said that it might be fun if we went there after the Broadway show. As we talked about it, we agreed that we would only get involved in soft swinging, no penetration.

Le Trapeze

About 10:30 pm we arrived back at Le Trapeze. After we registered, they took us on a tour of the club. Then they had us go into a small dressing room, take off our clothes, and put them and our valuables in a locker and lock it. They gave us large green towels, and we headed to the Group Room. 

The Group Room was about 40 feet in diameter and had mirrors on the ceiling and mattresses covering the floor. We laid down off to the side of the room on my towel and put her towel over our nude bodies. As we looked around, there were couples all over the room engaged in various sexual activities. I started to point out a threesome, but Kim said, “Don’t point! They may notice us!”

After about 30 minutes, a couple laid down beside us, with the guy next to Kim. We spoke to them a bit, and then the guy and I started sucking Kim’s nipples. She seemed to enjoy that, but a few minutes later I felt Kim jerk. She whispered to me, “He is sliding his hand up and down my thigh. What should I do?” I asked her if that was OK, and she said, “yes.” After a while, I moved my hand down to finger her but found that his hand was already there, and his finger was deep in her pussy. I asked Kim if I needed to add some lube to his finger, and she said, “No, I juice a lot!” I reached down and found that she was right — her pussy was dripping her thick, slippery juice.

By this time, as I was sucking her nipples, I noticed that Kim’s legs were spread wide. I looked down, and the guy had gotten on his knees and was sliding up between her legs with his hard cock in his hand, getting ready to slide it into her pussy. But Kim was frozen, totally in a trance. I signaled for him to stop, telling him, “no penetration.” They decided to stop playing with us and left for another area of the club. I asked Kim if she was going to stop him from fucking her, and she said that she was so spaced out, that she could not move or talk, and thanked me for stopping him.

Round Two!

The following week, the swing club was all we could talk about. It had been a very exciting evening. That Saturday, we went back to New York City for another visit to Le Trapeze. Again, we agreed just soft swinging — no penetration. 

This time, we again laid on my towel off to the side of the room, but we did look around more and talked about the other couples, threesomes, and foursomes that were having sex all around us. It was like being in the middle of a porn movie!

A couple laid down on a towel next to us, and we started talking with them. She said that he was a medical intern and had just finished a week of 24-hours-a-day work in the ER. She said she brought him to Le Trapeze so he could unwind from the week’s stress. She was wearing a bandeau, so Kim asked her why she was not nude like the rest of us. She said that she had a double mastectomy wanted to cover the scars. Kim was so embarrassed, she felt like crawling under the mattresses covering the floor. The gal said that was OK, to not worry. Kim told me that I really had to make it up to the gal and make her feel very good. I told Kim that she had to do her duty and get the doctor to relax from his stress. 

I gave the gal lots of foreplay, french kissing, nibbling her ears, neck, and inside of her thighs over about a twenty-minute period. When I started sucking her clit, she orgasmed! Over the next hour or so, I brought her to orgasm again and again, until she said, “I am so exhausted! Let’s take a break!”

His gal and I got up and laid down on each side of Kim. Kim said that he had cum twice from her sucking his cock and was in the bathroom cleaning up. When he came back, he put on a new condom and started sucking Kim’s clit and pussy. His gal and I started sucking Kim’s nipples. Pretty soon, Kim was hunching her pelvis up at his mouth. She was really feeling hot and turned on. He raised his head up, got up on his knees holding his hard, condom-covered cock, and asked Kim if he could fuck her. Kim looked at me and raised her eyebrows, indicating that it was up to me.

A thousand thoughts went through my head in a microsecond. Here we were, new BF and GF, not yet having had sex, and Kim was asking me if she could fuck the doctor. Finally, I decided that my feelings for Kim were very strong and that I wanted her to experience every good part of life. I nodded, “Yes!”

She reached down and pulled his shoulders up toward her. He moved forward and slid his cock deep into her pussy. He thrust in and out of her pussy about five times, and then he came! He slowly pulled out, saying, “I could not stop! You were so tight!” He got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. When he returned, his cock was just a little soft. Kim sucked him for about thirty seconds, and he was very hard again. He put on a new condom and slipped his cock back into her pussy. This time, they fucked for about 15 minutes while his gal and I sucked Kim’s nipples and alternately French-kissed her. The doctor began to groan and soon came. He lay on her for a while this time, French-kissing her as his cock slowly got soft and slipped out. He kept calling her his ”Asian Princess.”

After he returned from the bathroom, we all lay together for a while talking about the experience. Everybody was well-sated except me! Later that night, after Kim and I got the hotel, showered, and got in bed, she showed me why the doctor could not keep from cumming so quick the first time. Her pussy was so tight that I could not keep myself from cumming quickly the first time, either. But I lasted a much longer time the second and third sessions and during the morning wake-up session. She was my “Asian Princess!”

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