Forbidden Play Date

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Not everyone practices non-monogamy ethically, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t still have fantasies that take their thrill to the next level.

My partner and I started out as a taboo — we were both married but to other people! That should have been excitement enough — sneaking off to cheap motels, meeting up in parking lots, and, in general, feeling like teenagers again. The longer we went on, we started to discuss deep fantasies, and I found out she had a bi-curiosity and would be open to others as well. We placed ads on different sites and got many replies, but none we were truly interested in. One day we heard from a couple in a very similar situation — they were both married and fooling around with each other behind their spouses’ backs. All four of us exchanged emails and pictures. The girls were both first-timers but very enthusiastic. Finally, the other lady’s husband was going to be out of town for a few days, and we could all meet at her place.

My partner and I both called in sick to work and met for lunch. We set up our boundaries (very few) and a safe word just in case. While eating in a very public coffee house, she had me look under the table and see that not only was she commando but already very wet. We texted our friends and went to the car to wait. Very soon, we got a text with an address and instructions where to park. They left the door unlocked, and we were welcome to come right in. We followed the directions, and before getting out of the car, I asked if she was sure. She looked me in the eyes and said, “Hell, yeah!” With that, we walked up to their door. 

Outside, we heard a faint moan and couldn’t tell if it was a movie or real. I opened the door and let my partner (Pepper) in and followed behind, closing and locking the door behind me. Our hosts Al and Eve, left a chair with a sign saying “Leave Clothes Here.” We quickly stripped and left everything neatly piled. 

We listened and followed the moans to the bedroom. Apparently, it was both live and a movie. Al had Eve spread on the bed sideways, and was orally pleasing her as she stroked him. They looked up at us and waved us to join. I went to Eve, and she took my hard cock in her mouth. Pepper went to Al and kissed him deeply, tasting Eve on his lips. I told Eve she better slow down, or this wouldn’t last long, and she laughed and sat up. She and Pepper said hello, and then the ladies kissed for the first time. Al and I played with their nipples and could hear them getting very excited. I felt Eve, and she was soaking wet, and Al said so was Pepper. We suggested they get in a 69 while we watched a bit. Neither woman hesitated and went at it like they had been lifelong lesbians. 

It was difficult just watching, and after a while, Eve asked if we were going to just watch or if we were going to do something. Al and I took up at opposite ends — me by Eve, and him by Pepper. Eve reached out and guided Al’s cock into Pepper while she licked Pepper. Pepper then guided me into Eve, while she squeezed and licked my balls. One thing I could tell was that this wouldn’t last long. Looking at Al, I could see he felt the same. Eve finally asked for someone to cum so she could clean it up. That was all we needed, and in just a few thrusts, almost simultaneously, we filled the ladies. Then when we pulled out and had to sit, the women went about licking and cleaning each other. We had all exchanged emails with blood test results, and the ladies both had implants, so pregnancy was not a concern. After a few minutes, we helped the ladies sit up, and they kissed a bit more. 

All four of us sat on the bed half-watching the porn on the TV, critiquing the acting and joking around. I was by Eve, and Al was by Pepper, the girls facing each other in the middle. After a while, the ladies wanted round two, and we were more than happy to oblige. This time, it was more like missionary, but the girls kissed and played with each other’s boobs. They were teasing us guys, asking if we enjoyed the feel of another pussy, and both were trying to see how they could make us cum. I think I broke first, and Eve cheered that she made me cum. Then Al said he was close, and Eve sat up to kiss him and rub his balls as he fucked Pepper. Very soon, I saw him tense, and he came hard in Pepper. 

We all laid back to catch our breath and realized we still had a few hours to kill, so we ordered lunch, and the ladies answered the door naked as a tip. They got so excited that we had to fuck again before lunch! Although it would never be the same as the first time, none of us will ever forget it.

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