From Single Man to Swinging Couple

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It began fifteen years ago when I was 22. I was working as a cocktail bartender for a luxury hotel. During that time, I was always taking good care of myself and had my experiences with ladies at a young age, until it was upon a day, there came a gorgeous lady at my bar. There immediate eye-contact. We flirted and spoke about life, and there was such chemistry that after the last minute of my shift, she invited me over to her suite. The chemistry that we had led to a passionate and wild night…

After that, we parted our ways, and we stayed in touch. We had more passionate meetings, and I came to realize that she had a lot of friends and was very sociable. We decided to join a dinner party. 

There were here around fourteen friends (seven couples), and all were very sexy people. I was even tempted, just looking at a few of the ladies. There was constant flirting, making jokes, and a lot of laughter, until one of the couples offered to join them in their house afterward for more drinks and to see what the night brings us.

My partner in crime, she told me before we decided to go that I would love this afterparty, as we had spoken about our sexual fantasies and one of them is a threesome with girls or with another couple around. It was an experience that she had before and told me about and made me curious. So, she said it might happen tonight… 

I was a bit nervous but, at the same time, very excited in the purest form of its word and essence. I followed the crowd. The couple that invited us knew my partner very well and decided to have a drink together as the rest of the party was enjoying themselves anyway, talking, flirting, touching… 

I was getting more excited as, during our conversation with the host, I realized that around me, people were getting very comfortable and started kissing each other. I heard a moan following a spanking. I turned around and saw a couple having a good time with each other and enjoying being watched and touched by the other company. 

My partner in crime kissed me and touched me between my legs and reached out, and knew I was very excited about all this atmosphere. I felt the touch and warm breath from another woman behind me, touching my chest from behind and lifting, slowing my shirt up. My bulge started to grow, and my partner decided to release it as my trousers were too small for it.

All of a sudden, I realized one of my fantasies came true — a threesome with two women while the husband watched me being taken care of, while his wife and my partner enjoyed my body fully. I mutually enjoyed it, too. After five minutes, the host joined in, as that created a more interesting result. Having a foursome was an amazing experience for me. It was like an orgy due to the fact that I looked around and saw more people having the same situation already. I had the best night of my life. This was the beginning of my journey into the Lifestyle, and I have never stopped liking it since!!!

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