Hotwife Baptism of Fire

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So, we had been chatting with this guy for several weeks, sending naughty photos while on holiday. Lorraine was only visiting me, as I work away in the Middle East. During her visit, the play we had with this guy was fun, and I suggested they meet up when Lorraine was home. 

So, Lorraine flies home. A few days pass, and Lorraine is chatting to the guy, as am I. Then, Lorraine comes out of the blue with, “oh, Ben is coming over Thursday night.” “Wow!” I was thinking, “this is exciting!” I was nervous, every thought going through my head. We were about to have our first Hotwife experience as a couple.

Our Long-Distance Fantasy Comes True

Thursday comes, and I am speaking with Ben about where he needs to meet, etc., and at the same time video-chatting with Lorraine. We decide outfits — in the end, a sexy Vic Secrets bra, the shortest leather skirt, and heels — and that was it. 

Ben parks up, and I tell him to go to the house and open the door; Lorraine would be there to greet him. What happened next is awesome.

I am 4000 miles away and three hours ahead of them, and I get the first selfie photo of them together, and then silence for about 40 minutes. What is going on? Then I receive a text message saying, “I hope you like it.” They send a video. It shows the very first moments: they kiss, he strips her, picks her up, she wraps her legs around him and kiss, then he puts her on the sofa and proceeds to lick her pussy, which she adores. I could hear the moans from her. Then the video stops… Silence. Another ten minutes goes by before I receive another text message, “we are just fucking again.” I wait and wait and wait, and then I get another video.

This time, I see this hung cock — a stranger in my home, fucking my wife from behind — and she is enjoying it, telling him it feels good. I also get some other photos of him fucking her from behind. Then more silence, followed by another text, “we are fucking again.” I wait and wait. I’m not hard as hell, 4000 miles away, not wanking as Lorraine told me she wanted to watch me wank when he had left. The video that follows is one that is used by me a lot.

There he is, gripping onto her bra strap, pulling on it hard, fucking her hard, slapping into her pussy, and then she lets out a gasp, “oh fuck, that feels good! Fuck, that’s good!” That is the perfect sound from my wife. 🙂 

I then get a message from my wife to say he is leaving. Once he leaves, my wife and I video-chat. She is a little coy at first, but I could see she enjoyed herself. She was horny and just wanted me there to fuck her, but with being 4000 miles away, that was just not possible. LOL! She then sends me some photos of her sucking his cock. This was all too much, and I came on the video chat for her. 

This was the start, and we have not looked back! I hope you enjoyed our first time in brief detail.

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