How We Started Swinging

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An innocent misunderstanding of what it is to be in “the lifestyle” inspired this couple to make the jump from enthusiastic nudists to swingers.

Many years ago, we got to chatting (and flirting a bit) with a couple by the pool at Paradise Lakes. One of them said something about ‘the lifestyle,’ which was a term we were unfamiliar with at the time. The wife thought they meant ‘nudist lifestyle’ and went on to talk about how much we enjoyed it, how liberating it was, and it put everyone on the same level, yadda, yadda, yadda — LOL! The other guy and I walked over to the bar at one point to get drinks, and he told me, “me and the wife would love to fuck you two. We are having a house party tonight in condo XYZ and would love for you two to join us.” My mind reeled with WOW!!!! I later told the wife about that conversation, and, honestly, it took us by complete surprise. We did not attend the party that night, but it started a dialogue between us and some internet research that kept moving us further forward in our interest in swinging, and it became the source topic of lots of pillow talk between the two of us.

Probably two years later, we were at a nude resort in Key West called Deja Vu (which is no longer there). We got to talking and flirting with two other couples by the pool that afternoon who were much more blunt about being swingers, and we all made plans to go out together that night. So, later that evening, we discussed the possibility of playing with those two couples and decided we would see how the night played out, with no definite ‘yes or no’ in our minds, uncertain if we were really going to try this. But, we were both very hot and excited about the idea, and I was obviously hoping we would myself. I had, however, promised both myself and her we would only proceed at her speed, and I would not get carried away in the moment if she was not comfortable. That was her biggest worry. 

After partying in town late that night, we were all six back at Deja Vu in the hot tub with lots of sexual innuendoes, flirting and casual touching. I left for a moment to get drinks out of the room. When I returned, the wife was sitting up on the edge of the hot tub with one girl going down on her and some combination of the two other hubbies and/or the other wife on each side of her sucking her nipples. I just thought to myself, ‘well, I guess this is the night we will try this,’ and damn, did I smile!!!

Like most do, I suspect, we did start with soft-swapping, but eventually got comfortable with full-swapping, and started enjoying SM threesomes and the occasional SF. We have been at this adventure now for going on two decades. It is worthy of note — a few years later, at a house party, we did actually hook up with that first couple who originally first approached us at Paradise Lakes!

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