I See You…

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He sees you at the bar. You feel his gaze. Follow him! He won’t disappoint you…

I notice you immediately from across the room. You are talking to a man, but he obviously doesn’t hold your interest. You look bored. I look at you a moment longer before you feel the undeniable feeling of someone watching you. We make eye contact. I motion for you to follow me, and you politely excuse yourself from the mundane conversation with the boring man. I head toward a dark, empty hallway with you not far behind. The second we are encompassed, I push you into an even darker corner.

I gently part your legs with my knee while looking you in the eyes. I place my hand on the nape of your neck and pull you towards me, breathing on your neck and up your jawline. Grazing your lips with mine, I finally begin to kiss you as I slide my right hand down your left leg. I drag my hand slowly up your leg to the inside of your knee and up your inner thigh until I reach your panties. I push your panties aside and let the top of my finger trace the edge of your pussy lips. 

As my finger finds your clit, I gently start to rub you the way you like. Your eyes close, a slight moan escapes your lips, and you spread your legs wider. You beg me to put a finger inside of you. I waste no time fulfilling this request, feeling how hot and wet you really are. My finger easily glides inside of you. I instantly find the spot you love and wiggle my finger, playing with the magic area inside of you. The excitement I feel from you has my cock rock hard. I can feel it pulsing I. My pants. I lean into your ear and tell you how hard I am. You start to groan with pleasure. I tell you it’s OK, and you begin squirting on cue. 

I let you enjoy the pure ecstasy before taking my fingers out of your throbbing pussy and placing them in your open mouth. You lick them clean, enjoying the sweet taste of your juices. I take my fingers out of your mouth and trace them over your lips and down your neck. I leisurely move my lips down your neck, breathing you in as I go along. You smell so intoxicating. 

I linger over your shoulders so you can feel my breath on your chest. I let my mouth drift down to the nipple of your right breast. I run the tip of my tongue around your areola, tracing the edge of it and feeling it harden instantly. My tongue finds your nipple again. This time, I gently suck it with my mouth rolling my tongue over its erectness. I take both my hands and cup your tits, squeezing them gently, just the way you like. I move to the left great and give it a light suck, but not too much. 

I start to kiss you down your side, working my way to the wet slit between your thighs. I slide my hands over your hips until I reach your ass. I spread your legs and kneel in front of you. I look up into your hazel eyes as I breathe in your sweet aroma. I never break eye contact. I quickly slide my finger into your pussy, withdrawing it just as fast. I stick my finger into my mouth so I can taste your sweetness. I move my hands to the back of your thighs, pulling my face into your pussy. Your hands fly to my head, begging for more as I push my tongue deep into your pussy. You are unbelievably wet. I savor your taste. I suck on your clit and slide two fingers inside of you. I hit the spot, and you start to squirt. I don’t move, letting you cum all over my face. My cock could not be harder…

SDC Erotic Writing Contest First Swinging Experience Member Story

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