“I Think I Will!”

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This couple chose a lucky co-worker to help fulfill their threesome fantasy. Four years later, and they’re still going strong!

My wife and I had been together for about two years and had a few threesomes. I had a co-worker from out of town come stay at our house to get some work done in our town. He is a very handsome, well-built, black man. My wife was definitely attracted to him and she had never been with a black man, so the thought of her being with him was really getting both of us hot. I had mentioned to him we had a few threesomes before and he liked the idea.

After work, we had a small dinner and then opened a bottle of wine to relax a little bit and have some good, sexy conversation. I let my wife sit next to him so they could touch each other. After a couple of glasses of wine, he slid his hand up her thigh onto her pussy and started rubbing it. This got her going, so she started rubbing his huge cock, which was bulging in his pants. They started kissing heavily, so we decided to take it to the bedroom.

We both undressed her and laid her on the bed as we both undressed and got in bed on each side of her. She immediately turned to him and went down on his huge 9½” cock and started sucking it. Seeing his big black cock in her mouth and hands was amazing. Her pussy quickly got very wet, and she wanted him inside her, so he flipped her on her back, came up between her legs, and slid his huge cock slowly inside of her as she was moaning with pleasure at how good it felt stretching out her pussy. 

He pushed both of her legs up next to her head so he could fuck her deep and hard with his massive cock. She began cumming almost instantly, and over and over again. She was squeezing my cock with her hand as he was fucking her so good. I could tell every time she was getting ready to cum because she would squeeze my cock really hard and pull on it. After he fucked her for a while and came hard inside of her wonderful pussy, it was my turn. 

I turned her over Doggie-Style to fuck her so she could suck his cock and get him ready to fuck her again. It was so hot, sliding my cock inside her pussy filled with his cum. I was fucking her hard as she was sucking his cock. After I came, she was ready for his cock again, and his cock was ready for her pussy.

He turned her on her side, so she was facing me, and he fucked her from behind so she and I could kiss, and I could see her face in ecstasy and hear her moans as he continued to fill her up with his massive black cock. I would ask her how she was feeling, and she kept telling me I had no idea how good his cock feels. Then, all of a sudden, he started fingering her with his cock in her pussy as well, and she started cumming like never before. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she started moaning and wanting more and more. 

After he was finished, she just turned her pussy to me and said, “It’s your turn — I want more,” so I started to fuck her as she kissed and grabbed his cock. She continued to go back and forth between us for about two hours until he needed a break to call his wife, so he went upstairs to call. She and I continued to fuck until I was worn out, so we just laid there for a bit. She had been fucked like she’d never been fucked before, and she loved it, but she hadn’t had enough yet. She wanted more, but I said I needed a break. I told her she should go upstairs and find him and fuck him some more. She thought about it for just a second, and then said boldly, “I think I will!”

She then walked completely naked straight upstairs to find him. He was in bed in the guest room. I silently followed her, so she didn’t know I was there, and I watched from outside the door. All the lights were out, but the TV was on in the room so I could see them well enough to make out what they were doing, and I could definitely hear them. She started out sucking his cock again, and then they proceeded to fuck for another hour-and-a-half. It was the sexiest, most erotic thing I’ve ever witnessed because they didn’t know I was watching. Seeing them in the flickering light of the TV and hearing how they were both moaning and making all sorts of sexual sounds had my cock rock-hard the entire time. Finally, they both collapsed and fell asleep, with their legs tangled together. I went back down to our room as they slept upstairs together. When they woke up in the morning, they came downstairs and got into bed with me. I told them I had watched them, how sexy it was, and how hard I got. So, we both fucked her again before all hopping in the shower together to get ready for work. 

We have both talked about that night over and over again while we fuck, and it gets us super hot every time. We have been playing with him for over four years now, and I even let him come over when I’m out of town to fuck her. She’s also gone to stay with him in a hotel in his town a few times. He not only works with me, but he has become a really close friend who loves to fuck my wife. She loves getting herself some of his big black cock as often as possible! She definitely does not get tired of his huge cock and gets excited every time she thinks of him. Whenever he calls me, I put him on speaker so she can hear his voice, and it makes her wet every time.

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