Isabelle’s Surprise

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A lifestyle newbie at 55 years old, Isabelle is living proof of the old adage, “Never Say Never.”

My name is Isabelle, and I’m 55 years old. I have always been completely monogamous in all my relationships and was barely even aware of a swingers lifestyle. I began dating a very nice gentleman named Jesse, who was 59. Our relationship began in a fairly typical fashion — dinners, happy hours, beach dates, movies, etc. He had definitely been around a bit more than I had. All things considered, I was somewhat on the innocent side. He mentioned little bits about the lifestyle and about “sex clubs.” He was not really a swinger, but had been to a few different “sex clubs” with a few old girlfriends and really enjoyed the experience. At first, I said that type of thing just wasn’t for me. The idea of it was honestly pretty shocking to me. But over the course of the next couple of months, we talked more about it, and I gave a lot of thought to it. I decided that I’d be interested in going to a club and seeing what it was like for myself. I told Jesse I could see possibly having sex with him there, out in the open, but absolutely not with anyone else. I was positively not going to touch anyone else under any circumstances.

So, the big night came. We decided to go to Trapeze because Jesse had been there before and liked the club. He thought it best to go on a Saturday night when there were no single men allowed. He helped me choose my outfit a skirt shorter than anything I have ever worn, a see-through lace blouse with no bra, fishnet stockings, and black high heels (the one and only pair of heels I owned). I put on a little extra make-up, and off we went. Jesse was thrilled with how I looked! I remember feeling a little slutty, but so sexy! 

We got to the club, and I was so nervous walking in. I had no idea what to expect. We went over to the bar and sat down and ordered our drinks. I remember the music playing, and people were dancing, and Jesse was touching me, and I knew it was fine, the way that he was touching me. It wouldn’t have been OK anywhere else, but it was fine there. And that was really turning me on. Standing at the bar, kissing Jesse, touching each other, rubbing up against each other, I could feel his cock was hard, and the whole situation was just so exciting. We stayed at the bar just kissing and touching for a very long time. We danced also. I saw women blowing guys on the couch. I saw women with their shirts completely open. I saw guys stroking their cocks. It was just such an open and free atmosphere. Everyone seemed happy and comfortable, and nobody gave a shit what anyone else thought. 

Jesse asked me if I wanted to stay in the front or try the back room. Everything was my choice. I was ready to try the back room. We went to the locker room, and getting naked definitely took some courage, but I did it and wrapped myself in a towel. I took a deep breath and pushed through the doors and went into the notorious backroom. Jesse held my hand, and we slowly walked through the dark rooms. 

There were several small rooms with doors that we walked past. We came to a very large room, and there were naked bodies everywhere. Couples were enjoying each other’s bodies, moaning with pleasure. Jesse and I sat down on the big couch and just watched what was going on right in front of us. Jesse had his towel on, but I could see that his cock was hard. I was also super turned on. 

I turned to Jesse and started kissing him, and before I knew it, I was on my knees sucking his cock. My towel fell off, but I didn’t care. As I was doing this, I felt a hand on my ass. I knew it wasn’t Jesse’s. I guess I jumped a little because the hand lifted off, and a woman whispered to me, “is it OK if I touch you?” For some reason, everything seemed good to me, and I felt so comfortable and safe and turned on, so I said OK. I continued sucking Jesse’s cock, and the woman caressed my ass, then she gently slid a finger into my pussy, which at this point was very wet. She slowly finger-fucked me for a few minutes, which felt amazing. Suddenly, I had joined the chorus of people who were moaning. Then the woman stopped and gave my ass a rub and then a nice hard smack, and then she disappeared! 

I got up, and Jesse and I continued walking around. Now we found ourselves in a smaller room with a curtain that you could see through. You could see the whole club through the curtain. I lied down on the mattress and stretched out, and Jesse stretched out next to me, There were two other couples noisily fucking right next to us, At this point, I was so unbelievably turned on I practically jumped on Jesse. I absolutely needed his cock inside me that second, and so we became the third couple noisily fucking in the curtain room.

Jesse and I loved our night at Trapeze. We quickly became regulars, and I went on to discover that I love fucking other single men along with Jesse, as well as playing with couples. We have figured out certain things that are must-haves, and other things we are still learning along the way. I love that we are doing this together — as a couple. We both feel an incredible closeness because of it. I am living proof of the old adage, “Never Say Never.”

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