Just a Tickle…

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It was just a tickle. 

They were at lunch…sitting side by side…her first time stepping out on her own…occasionally catching and taking glances at each other. His hand was on her knee. A gentle squeeze now and then and, occasionally, his hand would dip down and softly, ever so softly, smooth across the inside of her leg. It was just a tickle.

They were talking and talking and talking. She was open and free, and he was a bit more reserved and cautious. It was an image thing… he hated to lose control of his demeanor in public. The play under the tablecloth was as bold as he would get in the open. It was just a tickle, and she felt warm. 

He leaned over and kissed her. First, just a little love peck on the cheek. She smiled and leaned into him. She liked it. The energy between them just flowed openly. It was good and warm and pleasant. It was just a tickle. 

The next time he leaned into her, she turned his head to meet his lips. He told her, ‘no.’ Very softly, yet very sure of his plan. She turned back to face the center of the restaurant, and his lips pressed against her neck. A little nip, and then his tongue touched her skin. The tickle started again. His tongue moved quickly… before she knew what had happened, he had nibbled her neck and was teasing her earlobe with his tongue. Then, as suddenly as he approached her, he was gone and sitting upright in the booth. It was just a tickle. 

Her hand dropped under the tablecloth. She found his leg and started to caress it. She had a mission in mind, and he looked into her eyes. Deeply and solemnly. Her hand stopped moving, even though there were no words spoken. She could feel the energy telling her that she was the center of the universe today, and he would pleasure all her senses. It was just a tickle. 

His hand found her leg and her head found his shoulder. She shifted. Her skirt found extra slack, and his hand moved a bit bolder up her leg. It was just a tickle.

His fingers were softly and gently walking up the inside of her leg. It was just a tickle. 

As he crept closer to her covered treasure, he could feel her heat and moistness. His hand withdrew, and he whispered something into her ear. The tickle grew stronger. She didn’t remember the trip to the darkened room… it was close to their meeting place, yet, she didn’t know how they got there. It was just a tickle. 

The room was lit by a lamp in the corner, and the only noise was the air conditioner. It was cold… she liked it that way, as did he. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply. She responded with a throaty moan and teased his teeth with her tongue. They were smooth, and she smiled at herself for her work. It was just a tickle. 

His hands were strong. She hadn’t expected to feel this wonderful in his arms. Her nervousness faded from the comfort of his embrace. She felt his hands move over her back as his head shifted. His mouth moved to her neck and ears… first the left side, then the right. Somewhere in there, he whispered ‘no marks’ to her, and she knew that she could trust him. It was just a tickle.

His mouth moved back to hers as she felt his hands broaden their range. She found herself firmly in his embrace as he cupped her firm, sexy bottom in his hands. He squeezed her lovingly. It was just a tickle. 

His hands moved to her shirt. The buttons seemed to open by themselves. Her belt was undone. She was standing in his arms, clad only in her lingerie. It was just a tickle. 

She reached up to his buttons. He stopped her and stepped back for a minute. He took her back in his arms… both of them just in their undergarments. She could feel the hair of his chest against her. It was just a tickle. 

He kissed her passionately. Starting at her lips and moving to her neck. His hands were behind her and she felt the release of her bra. Her arms dropped and the straps fell between them. He was still holding her tightly. It was just a tickle. 

His mouth left hers and started downwards. He kissed her chin and the front of her neck. It veered to her left… and found her nipple. It was just a tickle. 

A deep moan escaped her. He was so soft and warm and passionate and caring. His tongue felt like a butterfly fluttering its wings on her breast. Then he shifted to her right and started it all over again. It was just a tickle. 

Just when she thought the roller coaster was going over the top, the mouth moved again. Kissing softly and nibbling down her torso… inch by torturous inch. It was just a tickle. 

He licked her belly button. It was sensitive and cute. Just a brief little visit. It felt different. It was just a tickle. 

She felt herself being walked backward. He was on his knees in front of her, and his arms were around her waist. It was just a tickle. 

She felt his hands at the waist of her satin panties. They were damp and sticky and steamy. She was impatient, and he was deliberate in their removal. Her treasure was unveiled. It was just a tickle. 

His hands were on her waist, and she was being pulled down. She sank, trustingly, and found that the bed was under her. His hands were cupping her bottom… softly and lovingly. She sat on the edge of the bed as he kissed her wonderfully full breasts again. It was just a tickle. 

He laid her back on the bed, and she felt his breath on her knee. It was just a tickle. 

He began to kiss and nibble on the inside of her leg. First the left, and then the right. He kissed from the sensitive spot just above her knee joint all the way up the inside of her thigh. He reached just to the edge of her manicured grove and skipped to the other side. He nibbled his way to the opposite knee. It was just a tickle. 

His hands moved her legs. Her calves were draped over his shoulders, and his hands moved under her. She could feel herself blossom like a rosebud in full bloom… just for him. It was just a tickle. 

His mouth moved to her middle. She gasped from the softness and the firmness of the sensation. Buzz. Flick. Probe. Over and over again. The deep moan moved out of her again and again. His tongue probed as deeply as possible inside her to remove her nectar and then moved to her special button. It was just a tickle. 

His tongue was better than any machine or toy or her own hand. He massaged her button… holding it gently between his lips and buzzing it with his tongue. It was just a tickle. 

The tickle grew… and grew… and grew. He held her soft cheeks in his hands to anchor her to his face. A finger found its way inside her as the tongue kept taking her closer to new heights. It was just a tickle. 

The tickle grew one last time and exploded. She screamed and humped his face as he stayed in her forest of pleasure until she calmed. She felt him move her to the middle of the bed and moved to hold her firmly in his arms. She could smell her scent as he kissed her on the cheek and pulled her close to him…

The tickle was gone.

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