Lana’s First Swinging Adventure

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Alex had been in the lifestyle for approximately one year prior to us becoming a couple. Alex was the one to introduce the idea of swinging to me. Shocking to myself, I wasn’t put off by the idea but instead rather curious and trying to work out the details in my mind. I was excited and nervous. As a hyper-sexual girl, who often fantasized about group play and whatnot, I found it hot that I had a guy that could introduce me to new sexual experiences. We made a profile on SDC and set out guidelines as to what I was comfortable with, as far as potential play partners. However, I was too nervous to pull the trigger. So, we sought out meet-and-greets and other parties. Finally, I decided on an event.

The Glow in the Dark Party

We went to a sex club for a glow in the dark party, the place where we would have our first swinging experience. We talked to a few couples, but nothing seemed to work out. It’s hard to make a connection with four people and a newbie (me). It wasn’t until later that I understood why experience made a difference. After a while, we noticed most of the couples that we would consider were already engaged in activities with other couples. 

Accepting the fact that our night of hunting didn’t produce a fun exchange, we decided to enjoy ourselves — in front of everyone. That was the first time I ever had sex in front of others. The best thing about the experience is that we soon had other couples right next to us enjoying themselves. Although it wasn’t a full swap, it sure was fun having other sexy couples next to you and also to be watched by others. It was not only a very hot experience but a sexy start to our swinging journey. 

We have now enjoyed the lifestyle for approximately 18 months as a couple. I believe that this lifestyle brings a new level of intimacy and trust. The fact that you can make any fantasy a reality or simply talk about it in the open is by far the best feeling in the world. 


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