Let’s Go! They Just Want to Talk…

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This couple went to a few hotel meet-and-greets and finally found the couple that helped them dive into the world of swinging. Worth the wait!

My wife and I talked and fantasized about doing something with another couple for years. We would use toys and act out scenarios and it really added to our sex life. This probably went on for a number of years and we never did anything about it because we had younger kids and the timing just wasn’t right. With the kids grown and more independent, we had more time for ourselves so we went to a couple of meet-and-greets and hotel takeover parties. Long story short, we finally met a couple that we were both interested in and after spending some time with them they invited us back to their room “to talk.” My wife said, “let’s go; they just want to talk.” I said, “Really? You do know they want to do more than just talk, right?” She said, “let’s just go and play it by ear.” So we went.

We talked to them for a while and then agreed we would just have same room sex with our own partners. That was very exciting… sort of like a live porno only a few feet away. The one thing I should mention is because of years of fantasizing about different scenarios, my wife and I are pretty vocal. So when I was fucking my wife doggy style, we looked up and saw the other wife sucking her husband’s cock. So I asked, “Is she doing a good job?” and my wife said, “Oh yeah!” I then ask my wife what she thought about his cock, and she said “He has a really nice cock,” At that point, the guy looks over at us and asked my wife if she would like a taste. My wife looked over her shoulder at me and said, “What do you think?” I said, “Go for it!” She crawled forward and grabbed his cock, and, just before she put her lips around it, she looked over at me one more time and said, “Are you sure?” and I said, “Yes.”

The next thing I heard was both of them moaning. My wife really gets off on sucking cock and absolutely loves it. It’s quite an experience having someone sucking you that loves sucking cock, compared to someone that does it just to do it. Well, the other guy was moaning so loud that his wife was curious as to my wife’s technique, so she got closer, and before you knew it, he had two women sucking him while I was eating his wife.

We changed positions multiple times, and I had two women sucking me as well. Two women at the same time fighting over who gets your cock in their mouth — or one licking your balls while the other sucks you — is truly amazing. We got into a 69 with each other’s partners, and the other wife even went down on my wife while I had my cock in her mouth. She also licked my wife and me while I fucked her from behind. A tongue on your balls while pounding your wife is something I highly recommend!

My wife sucked the other wife’s tits and played with her pussy but didn’t go down on her because it was her first time with another woman. That was then… compared to now! 😉 It was all insanely HOT! Although they kept asking if we would full swap, we said no. We felt that for our first time, soft-swap was enough. Plus, I was amazed that I lasted so long!

We finished off with the girls on their knees in front of us, sucking our cocks. They each tried to shove both in their mouths at the same time and were basically “cock-drunk,” not knowing which one to suck first. We came all over their faces, and then they turned and kissed each other with cum dripping everywhere. I almost came again! When we were done, we got dressed and basically ran down the hall to our room, not really believing what just happened. We proceeded to fuck like crazy straight through the night and for many weeks afterward, reliving that event! Today we are full-swap, my wife is enjoying exploring her bi side, and we now do a little more than “Just Talk!”

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