Mail Etiquette: How Does it “Heal,” Anyway?

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Mail Etiquette: How Does it "Heal," Anyway?

You have created a profile on SDC, added nice text and profile photos, and then the fun begins. You search and find nice people in your area, or maybe a little further away. You make the first contact via email. Full of expectation, you send that away and then hear nothing again. Annoying, according to the reactions of members. How do you deal with that? Is there an etiquette and, if so, which one?

Invitations to Parties

Certainly, if you organize a party and invite people in private, it is useful to know whether the invited guests actually come. After all, you have to make the necessary preparations, do the shopping and you name it. In addition, private parties often have limited capacity, and you have to choose from the people you like. If you get a cancellation, then you still have enough time to invite other people you would like to have at your party.

Label rule 1:

If you receive an invitation to a party, respond in time with the acceptance or non-acceptance of the invitation. Come up with an excuse if you cannot or do not want to, but do let us know. Don’t wait until the last moment. If you do not respond, then the person who sent the invitation may get the idea that you are waiting with answers to see if there is a ‘nicer’ offer.

Private Invitations

You see a nice couple, man, or woman, and send an email with a proposal for further acquaintance. The anticipation is there. And it stops there because you see that your mail is being deleted, or because it is simply not responded to. Frustration is quickly lurking.

Label rule 2:
If you receive an invitation to get acquainted and you see that for whatever reason you do not like it, let us know. Better a rejection than no response.

If you have a reason for rejection: because, for example, the profile is too limited or not appealing, because there are too few photos or whatever, let us know in an email. Everyone can then take advantage of this. Who knows, you might get a response and photos that suddenly make you say ‘YES’ to the invitation and it suddenly turns out to be a great match.

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