My First, But Not the Last!

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She became aroused just recalling this delicious memory of tangled limbs and fleshy delights.

Let me tell you about my first experience; even as I type, I can feel my pussy begin to stir from the memory…

Yeah, it was fun, LOL — a lot of fun dancing, talking, drinking… and the sex. I planned to wear a little red number. Something sexy and strapless that could be maneuvered up and down easily — just in case. The weather caused me to rethink that. I wore jeans and a low-cut blouse under a leather jacket. What is it they say the best-laid plans? Anyway, it turns out dressing casually helped keep me relaxed, and the company did the rest. This was to be my first experience. I did not expect it to be so sensual, so mind-blowing, exciting, and fun.

It started with the dancing — first with one, and then the other. The laughing was next — with one, and then the other. I kissed one, and then the other, sucked one cock, and then the other. And finally, my first full swing sex experience. 

I remember the touch of hands all over my arms, my legs, my breasts, and the kisses I received. I was sucking my hubby’s cock, and then I felt a warm rubbing on my clit. The touching was so sensual that I wanted more. He knew I wanted more, and then he was inside of me. I felt his enormous cock head going in, spreading my pussy wide. He felt so good that I came twice on him. Then my hubby took his turn. He was much bigger than E but did not have a big cock head like E. He went in deeper inside and made me come again and again as I sucked E’s cock to bring it back to life. Then, to my surprise, hubby pulled out, and they both came all over my body. 

I felt so horny and hot and wanted more. So, we continued most of the night. I couldn’t say when we stopped. We were a tangle of arms and legs and glorious cocks. I sucked, I fucked, and I played. When I put my husband in again, it felt explosive. What we were sharing was a new adventure of three people just having fun.

I look forward to playing again with whatever or whoever comes next. Thank you, E, for making my first full swing and MFM experience a memorable one.

~ Stormy

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