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What started as a casual conversation about swinging quickly turned into the beginning of this woman’s Lifestyle journey!

How I got into the swinging lifestyle is so interesting. It was just over two years ago, and my ex started taking me on surprise dates. I never knew where or what we were doing or going. He took me to a comedy club, and we were sitting at our table having a drink when I saw out of the corner of my eye this tall, dark, and handsome guy walk in. My ex proceeded to say to me, “did you just check that guy out?” I said, “yeah, he is cute.” He didn’t get mad or upset, but he then asked me out of nowhere if I would ever be a swinger. My response was probably the normal one for a woman that has been married for over 15 years. It was a shocking no! We watched the comedy show and then drove home without another word about it.

The next day, he told me that he signed us up on a website and started showing me messages. Of course, I was intrigued. We would lay in bed at night and read messages, but we never made plans to meet anyone.

About a month later, we were driving to my sister’s wedding when he brought it up again and asked when we would meet someone. I said it would have to be someone I know, thinking that would stop the conversation. Well, it didn’t; it just sparked his curiosity more. He said, “who?” I opened my phone and proceeded to look through my Facebook friends, and I said, “Mark. Let me tell you a little bit about Mark… He was the guy I lost my virginity to many years ago.” He said, OK, ask him if he will do it. I messaged Mark and asked him if he would do a threesome with my husband and I. He said sure. 

About two weeks later, we met in a hotel and, although I thought it was a great experience, Mark was the most nervous man I had ever seen. That was the beginning of the swinging lifestyle for me. It has been an amazing journey and one that I would never change.

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