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An impromptu hotel experiment turned into the hotwife fantasy neither of them expected.

We were not in the “lifestyle” at the time but certainly tried to keep things interesting in our own way every now and again. We were in our mid-30s, and one evening, I challenged my sexy wife to wear something very revealing and to go into a classy hotel bar an hour before me and flirt and let herself get picked up (get drinks bought, etc.), but that once I got there, we would go on with our evening together and have dinner. She was reluctant at first because she didn’t know what to say if they asked why she was there, where she’s from, asked about her ring, etc. I told her to just have fun, maybe say she was waiting for a girlfriend and just to go with the flow. She agreed, and off she went.

She entered the hotel bar (Grand Hyatt) and was noticed immediately. She sat alone at the end of the bar and ordered a martini. Not three minutes go by before she got her first hit by a mid-40s guy. She politely turned down the drink offer, and so it went like that for the first 3–4 guys until an early 30s good-looking guy came up and introduced himself. She said she felt a quiver the moment he spoke to her. He was just under 6 feet tall, dark hair, medium build in a nice casual, classy look. She gave him her name and said yes when he asked if he could sit next to her. He explained he was traveling on business and leaving the next day, and that he was not married but did have a girlfriend. My wife had her ring on, but the subject never came up. They spoke for about 40 minutes when I walked in (I was spying from a distance the whole time, however). I noticed she was having fun, so I decided to sit at a table about 30 ft away and order a drink. She was flipping her hair, touching him on the leg, arm, hands, and flirting in ways that made her look irresistible to him and me. They had three drinks over the next 45 mins, and I see her excuse herself and walk to the restrooms while giving me this “come here” look. 

I followed, and she said, while hiding in the restroom hallway, that he had invited her to his room for one last drink, and she did not know how to just walk away. I knew that she was exploring whether I would let her go up or not, so I just looked at her and said, “you know you want to go up with him, so just go up and show him what a good fuck you are.” She turned red, was slightly stunned, and, with a bit of hesitation, agreed with this excitedly-nervous look. I found myself excited and hard as a rock thinking of her being this slutty. I told her I would wait at the bar after they went up. She came back to the bar, and I could see her whisper in his ear. He immediately asked for the check, and off they went.

Now, in Her Words…

As soon as the elevator doors closed, he pulled me in and kissed me deeply. He reached under my skirt and felt my soaked panties and pussy while stroking gently around and slightly inside. We entered the room; there was a bench at the end of the bed. He undressed me forcefully, yet slowly. He removed his clothes, and we were both naked while he kissed my neck and breasts. He made me kneel on the bench facing the bed and he spread my legs ever so slightly. He licked my thighs, ass cheeks, the bend of my back, and then he went into my wet pussy deep, soft, and then hard until I came within a minute all over his face. I was ready for his dick inside of me so bad I could not stand it, but he starting licking me again, and this time he licked my anus. Same thing — soft around, and then harder and harder and deeper and deeper. I was surprised when I felt this rush and strange feeling, but I was cumming — and hard. 

He turned me around, and I sat on the bench while his erect thick cock — I mean thickest cock I have ever seen was in my face. I took him in my mouth as much as possible, licked his shaft up and down, licked every inch of his huge cock and balls. I took him in until I gagged and then took it deeper until I didn’t gag anymore. Something about this moment when I realized I could take it in without gagging — it felt good. 

He could not take it anymore and flipped me around back on my knees on the bench facing the bed, and he teased my pussy with his big cock, dipping it in an inch and then out, back in and then out. He asked me if I wanted it, I moaned yes over and over until he said forcefully, “Ask for it.” I did with every ounce of passion and desire I had. I screamed, “please fuck me now!” He slid his cock in slowly, one inch at a time, until I thought I could not take it. He slowed, and then he pushed more, slowed and then pushed more, until I felt completely filled up. I was stretched to the max. He pushed one more time, and I felt his balls hit my clit, and I felt a rush hit me hard and all over. I came the hardest I had ever come. I squirted for the first time; I felt a rush of fluid leave me that made me quiver in ecstasy. 

He fucked me like this in different positions for two hours until I had cum five times and he three. My last orgasm, as well as his, was him poking my anus in and out for an inch or so each time over the course of a few minutes until I actually asked him to put it in. Never had I done that before. He did slowly put it in, inch by inch, until I felt his balls hit my pussy. It hurt, but in so many ways, it hurt so damn good. He kept it there for a bit while I enjoyed the moment. He then began to move in and out slowly, a few inches at a time, and then he progressed to all of the way out and back in. I can’t explain how amazing that felt. I felt this intense pressure and rush of emotion, I screamed and pushed back until I finally came so hard I collapsed just as he finished cumming himself. Wow! 

It took every ounce of strength, but after a few minutes, I got up and showered, dressed, and politely excused myself. He knew what this was and did not ruin it by exploring other meets, exchanging contact information, or anything. I left and joined my husband, where we talked and laughed about the experience over dinner and went back home where I came another three times, squirted again, and had one of the most amazing evenings of my life. We hope you enjoyed our first time.

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