Never Expected: Newbie Swingers in Spain

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Barcelona brought out a sexy side of this couple that they never knew existed.

My husband and I were together for 17 years when we had our first experience. We never talked about it, we never even thought about it. We were a very dull couple. But three years ago, it all changed. We decided to celebrate our 15th marriage anniversary in Barcelona. So, we went there to see monuments and have a few drinks — same old, same old. By the second night, we were at a bar having drinks, dancing, and flirting with each other, thinking we would go to our hotel a bit drunk and have the same sex games we were used to… but we were so wrong.

It all started when my husband went to the toilets; he was taking too long, and when he came back, he was really blushed and nervous. I asked him what happened, and he told me he was seduced by a woman. She wanted to kiss him and groped his ass. He excused himself, saying he was with his wife and came to me in a hurry. It was obvious that moment wasn’t indifferent for him. I noticed that, and I enjoyed it. I already had a few drinks and started mocking him when I noticed that he was turned on. I asked him if that hard dick was because of the Spanish woman. After some hesitation, he confirmed my suspicion. So, I asked him what did she had that I didn’t have… and my god, I never saw him so nervous. 

After a while, he opened up with me and confessed that he always thought it was sexy listening to women speaking Spanish (he never told me that… and then I understood why Barcelona). He told me she whispered in his ear, and he told me she smells good and that her attitude exited him. My god, so much new information about my husband, who I thought I knew inside out! Well, by that time, I already had a few drinks, and I told him: so, you like women with attitude… very well, show me the girl. Of course, he panicked. He thought I was going to make a scene. When I saw her, I understood why he was so nervous… she was beautiful, and sexy as hell (from that day on, we started to love Spanish women together). She was with another guy — friends with benefits, as I knew later. We went near them, and I started to dance and was smiling… I was a bit drunk, have I said that before? 

After a while, we were dancing to those Latino sexy songs, her and me teasing the guys. My husband was so excited; I know that expression on his face. He started chatting with the other man, a younger Latino man, very charming. At some point, I felt the woman’s hands on my hips. I was dancing to a very sexy song; it was hot, we were a bit sweaty, and my husband was right — she smelled so good. I let her touch me because I was feeling excited. She came behind me, and I could feel her against my ass, and when her lips touched the back of my neck, I felt an explosion inside me… I felt my panties get so wet. My god, I have never fantasized with a woman before! 

I saw my husband’s dick erected under his pants, I approached and kissed him, while I touched his dick… it was hard as a rock. I took his hand, and we made a sandwich — I was in the middle, he was in front of me, and the Spanish beauty was behind me — and we danced and touched. I was feeling four hands along my body, and I felt so wet that my panties were soaked.

Somehow, she turned me around and put her hand in my hair and pushed. I was feeling my husband’s hard dick in my ass, and then she kissed me. My god, what a magical moment. The first time I kissed a girl. Her lips were soft, so gentle… her tongue was so perfect. Time stopped for a minute there. I didn’t care about what the other people were thinking; for me, they didn’t exist. 

I looked for my husband’s dick behind me… he was having a good time touching my ass with his hard penis. I touched it and squeezed it, feeling how hard it was. I turned around to kiss him, and only then, I realized it was not my husband… I was touching the other man’s dick! I couldn’t even say anything because he put his two hands around my face and kissed me passionately. I loved that kiss, but my first reaction was to look for my husband. He was a few steps away, laughing. He came to me and said, “I never saw you so excited. You never looked so sexy. Please don’t stop because of me.” Looking at his eyes, I knew he was enjoying it. I knew he wasn’t mad at me. So, I went to the Spanish man, and I kissed him so good… I sucked his tongue and lost the time. 

After the bar, we shared a taxi, and things got more hardcore. The girl started kissing my husband in the back seat and touching him. I don’t know what he was thinking, but he took his dick out, and she masturbated him. I saw that and joined her, touching his balls. The cab driver was a very friendly guy from Morocco and suggested a motel. We looked at each other and didn’t have to talk… we both knew we wanted that. 

We went to a motel with a bathtub. My husband was the first to get naked. It was so funny to see how free he felt — how comfortable he felt. I played along and took my dress off and undressed the Spanish man. We went to the tub and asked if all the Spanish man had a big dick like that. He knew this was as an invitation and sat down on the border of the tub. His dick was a few inches from my face, and I was crazy to put it in my mouth. My husband looked into my eyes and called out, “suck it. I know you want it.” And I did it. I sucked him until he came on my face and breasts. 

While he was recovering, I made a team with the girl taking care of my husband. And he made me feel so good when he kissed my lips, showing me it was OK sucking that guy. I felt so peaceful, so excited, so happy to break barriers and to be, finally, honest. The girl went on top of my husband, and they were fucking in front of me. I kissed her and him, but I was on fire… I knew my orgasm was right there. Then I felt the Spanish guy behind me. He pulled my ass to him, and I felt him inside of me. I was so wet that it felt like my pussy sucked him inside of me. He penetrated me four times before I came. It was the loudest orgasm of my life.

We woke up the next morning, and we were sure we would be together for life. From that day on, we never hold a secret or a fantasy. We are now more honest than ever, and we are having so much fun together. We realized there were many things we didn’t know about each other. We are now one. And every time we can, we go to Spain.

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