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This SDC member tells the story of how he transitioned from an utterly vanilla marriage into the Lifestyle partner of his dreams!

I was raised in an ultra-conservative home and having lost my virginity on my wedding night, you can imagine how disappointing it was to have somehow known that sex isn’t supposed to be that way. Somehow, I knew it was lackluster. After that marriage finally fizzled, I went online and spread my wings! How fantastic it was!

In just about three years, I was with eleven new women. I had so much fun! Finally, there came a point where I knew that I was wanting a love, a desire for someone, emotionally. I then went to a traditional dating site. There, I found a few more women, just seeking skin pleasure! So, I felt slightly torn. It was about this time when I met Jenn. We had more than a lot in common — we had ideal mindsets! We were (what seemed) like a perfect fit! And yes, we were both highly sexually-driven. But, I couldn’t help but fear her reaction to my telling her that I didn’t think I could go back to a monogamous relationship. When I knew I had to tell her, I was more than relieved when she told me she felt the same way!!! I was overjoyed!! And, oddly enough, her story was similar to mine. 

She married the man she lost her virginity to and had come to learn how good he wasn’t when I made her squirt for her first time! After just a few months, she moved in, and we began our journey together. 

It was at this point when we began our online search for a couple(s) to swing with! At first, we felt like, “it’s just sex.” We didn’t want to become emotional and have it cause issues. That actually wasn’t as we thought it might be. After talking to a few couples who didn’t want any emotional attachment, either, we began to feel like objects! We reevaluated our situation and decided to search for friends.

We spoke to several couples and got to know people, but there was no swap. Finally, after a couple of months, we met a veteran couple that had been in the Lifestyle for almost 20 years. They were almost 20 years older than us but both very attractive and well-kept! We met them for dinner at Chili’s, and I couldn’t stop staring at this magnificently attractive woman. I always had an attraction to mature ladies, but I was definitely drawn to this woman. After a couple of drinks and dinner, we truly felt that there was a connection here. People we could call friends, and continue to get to know better. It was a much better feeling. We parted ways and went home, me full of anticipation. I could hardly wait to see them again. 

A very sleepless night led to communication the next day. After about a week of anxiously waiting, we were invited to their house for dinner. We arrived at their house and felt so much comfort and hospitality. They showed us their place, and after a couple of beers, dinner was ready. We continued to chat and get to know each other — it was a fantastic meal and even better company. About the time the food was settling, we transitioned to no clothes and slipped into bathrobes so we could walk to the hot tub without the neighbors seeing us. I didn’t take long before the talking, kissing, and touching became natural and heated. For the sake of any neighbors, we slipped the robes back on and transitioned to the bedroom. 

Just to go through this experience with Jenn was the most important thing! I made this beautiful mature woman squirt in my face while also knowing that Jenn felt completely sexy and desired! As this man was in her, she loved it and so did I. So many things happened. We could experience a variety of pleasures. We went through it together, and there was no jealousy. We had new friends that we felt close to.

It was a magnificent experience! We learned a lot about a new level of communication, and it was very important! We spoke about all the details, and we continue to play with this couple; they came to our home the next time. We learned so much about each other, the communication of our relationship, and, of course, TRUST. We have been with a few couples since, but this first couple will always be special to us.

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