Nightmare: A Swinger’s Cautionary Tale

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Not all fantasies become a blissful reality. Here’s one couple’s unfortunate first swinging experience. Live and learn!

So, this was in 2008 — our very first time meeting a couple. We were a new swinger couple JUST DATING AT THIS POINT for only a month. We met a couple on SDC’s Dating App, which was still just a website back then. We had chatted for several days and felt that it was time to get together.

Mistake One

Being inexperienced as a new couple, we agreed to meet at their place! Mistake ONE, we now learned! So, we decided to meet midday, as we had to pick up kids from school in the afternoon. We met Twinkie and Slim at about noon. They welcomed us in with open arms, hugging us at the door. This was a small apartment: living room, kitchen, with one bedroom right off the kitchen that was visible to the kitchen. As the conversation was going well, they suggested that we should order a pizza. For lunch. We had a few drinks. The ladies had a few shots of Tequila. We continued to talk about an hour or so. It was time for us to leave, and we all agreed that we had hit it off well enough to come back later to see where it would go.

Mistake Two

We ran our errands and texted — because we exchanged phone numbers (mistake two) — to see if there was anything that we could bring on our way back. Twinkie asked for Tequila and, since my GF drinks it also, we decided it was a great idea. We got back about 4:30 and sat and started to drink; we all had a few shots.

Mistake Three

After an hour or two of drinking (mistake three), we felt comfortable moving to the bedroom. We entered the room, and Slim was really quick to strip my GF. I was slower to undress, not knowing what to do! His lady was last. My GF AND Slim were first in bed, and he was deep in between her legs going to town. His girl was standing there watching. Undressed now, I asked if she was OK; she said yes and laid down. I then went down on her. As I was laying there pleasuring her and watching them, I was very excited to see that, since it was our first time. But then I looked up at Twinkie, and she was crying. I was not sure what was up. I tapped my GF, and she looked and said something to Slim. He said she will be all right and told us to just keep going. Well, with me feeling like I have done something wrong, I stopped and said we need to stop.

Mistake Four

After several times telling him he needs to stop, Slim and I went to the kitchen table. We could see the ladies sitting in the bed talking. That was my fourth mistake, leaving my GF in there. She finally came out. We decided to leave and said we’d keep in touch.

The Truth Comes Out

As we drove home, my GF told me what Twinkie told her. Twinkie was a single female, and he was a married man that had pushed her into trying the lifestyle. That’s why she broke down. After a few days, they contacted us to meet again, and we said no. Well, after that, we guess they split up at some point.

We Gained a Stalker!

For a long time, Twinkie was stalking us. We signed up with some clubs, and she was always showing up and following us, just watching us. We finally blocked her and watched for her to sign up, and then we would just not go. Finally, she stopped showing or contacting us for a few years. She then changed her screen name started again to write to us on the site. It did finally ended after about a year.

Lessons Learned

So, we did learn a lot from all of that and really learned things along the way. Safewords was a big one. Even though it was a terrible experience, we are still an active married couple now, and it has gotten better. We hope that someone new on the site can learn from our mistakes.

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