Our First-Ever Encounter

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It started as her passionate plea for a threesome or foursome…

You know how these start — bedroom fantasies. Well, I was the one who brought it up to T. One night in the throes of passion, I told him, “I want a threesome or foursome.” T knows me well enough to know that when I voice something strong like this, I have thought it through, and it is something I am hellbent on doing. He said I completely blew him away when I brought up the idea of a threesome or foursome, because never in a million years would he think I would be interested. 

I was a virgin until I was 21 and had only slept with nine guys, him being one of them, and have been faithfully married to him for 23 years. Anyway, we started talking, and soon the talking turned to looking. After about three weeks of talking to various couples (we decided to go FFMM rather than FFM or MFM) through several lifestyle sites, we found a couple who lived about an hour from us and decided to meet on a Sunday night for drinks and then see where it led.

Beginner’s Butterflies

Weirdly enough, I was not really nervous, more excited. I am a little self-conscious about my body; after birthing 12 kids, my abdomen area is not flat, and I was carrying 45 extra pounds (although since that time, I’ve lost 18lbs, so I am on the right path), but my biggest fear is that the couple will look at me and think, ”Nah, not interested.” My husband kept telling me that I am smoking hot, have amazing tits, and that any guy would love to fuck me. 

We met at the bar and soon after, the couple joined us. Relief for me — she was slightly bigger than I was, so I knew her husband would not have an issue with me! She was dressed in a low cut blouse, as my husband had told her he was a breast man, and neither one of us could keep our eyes off her luscious tits! Her husband kept eyeing me up, and when I got up at one point, I could see him watching me walk — he likes asses.

Our First Full Swap

After a bit of chit-chat, we went to their place. She and I got into the bedroom first, and she stripped down immediately — her tits are DD, and the nipples were dark and already aroused. She slipped on a gown to check on their kids (their room is on the other side of the house to their kids) then I got undressed. My husband came in and lay on the bed, and her husband undressed. I was not really sure what to do at that point — we are so new at this. He said, `Go and suck on your husband’s cock and get him hard.` So I knelt on the bed and started working on my husband, and he came behind me and started licking me out. He did it so differently from how my husband does it, and it felt amazing. 

The wife came back in at that point, climbed on the bed, and immediately started kissing my husband, and he leaned over and started to fondle her breasts. At this point, my husband moved away from me since he was now hard and moved over to M (the wife). D (the husband) pulled me onto my back and then to the edge of the bed and slipped his cock inside my pussy. He is about the same length as my husband, but a little narrower. But the angle felt amazing, and before I knew it, I was cumming. 

I moved him onto the bed and rode his cock for a bit, reaching over to fondle and suck Ms luscious tits while my husband was ramming his cock into her pussy. Next time I looked over at them, they were 69ing. I could tell by the sounds of pleasure that she was giving him good head! He told me later she was deep throating him. 

Then the attention turned to me for a bit — M came and ate me out (I never got to return the favor, next time), while D put his cock in my ass and started pumping me and my husband sucked on my tits. I came so hard I was squirting! Then the men DVPd me before we turned back to each other. D took me to the edge of the bed again and started pumping my ass again. My husband was back on M, sucking her tits (she told him before the meeting that she loves to have her tits sucked but her husband does not do it nearly enough). I kept reaching out to play with them too — they were so amazing — I am a C and have no desire to be bigger, but she is a DD and they were so big! 

D pulled out of me and lay next to me and started squeezing his cock, I could tell he was close, and I was stroking my pussy in time to him. He asked where he should shoot his load, and I told him on my tits. He shot it there and on my face because he came so much. My husband did not get to come with M — D told him it was probably a bit of nerves and that next time (there will be a next time!), it will be better. But he was hard for the entire time, he just could not cum. M came several times, especially when he was sucking on her tits.

The First Feelings of Compersion

We cleaned up and then we reluctantly had to leave and go home. We talked about it all the way home, and even though we were exhausted and knew we had to get up for work, we had all-out guerrilla warfare sex when we got home. T came so much it was ridiculous! We talked about what each partner had done that made us so hot, and that made the sex even better. I was concerned that I would see T fuck another woman and be jealous, but it turns out it makes me love and appreciate him more. 

A day later, he got a text from M saying he gave her a hickey on her tits — something she has not had for a long time! We are planning on getting a hotel in a couple of weeks and meeting them again. Can’t wait!

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