Our First Time at a Swing Club: Trapeze Miami

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This couple’s wildest dream of having sex with other people finally came true. Soon, fantasy became their reality, and they keep getting better!

My wife was in high school when we dated. I am a few years older and have had a lot of experience. I was her first lover. After four years of dating, we got married. I was never the jealous type, but we never in our wildest dream ever thought about having sex with other people. We didn’t even know about swingers and swinging. We always had a fantastic sex life, but after ten years, everything became humdrum. We wanted to spice things up, took nude photos, went to a nude beach, etc. It was during this time that my wife mentioned that she was curious about what it would be like having sex with another guy or even gals. Gals? Well, that was new to me. Then, one day, our lives were changed forever.

We went to Miami for a week’s vacation. I went to a convenience store to buy beer/wine, picked up this free entertainment magazine. It had an ad for Trapeze swing club. I was erotically curious. I asked my wife if she wanted to go, and she immediately said no. Absolutely not! We went to a great steak restaurant that evening, and I plowed her with wine, knowing this would get her sexually adventurous. After dinner, she asked if I really wanted to go. I said yes, but not if she didn’t. She says, I know you really want to go, and she agreed to go. We went back to the hotel to get dressed. Wife wore a skin-tight blue-grey dress cut above the knees, no panties or bra, and sexy heels with straps. She looked unbelievably beautiful and sexy. 

The drive to the club was about 50 minutes. I could tell my wife was getting horny because she pulled down her dress to expose her breasts to drivers passing by. She started playing with her pussy and asked me to stroke her with my left hand while my right hand was steering. She must have cum three or four times before we got to the club. Before we went in, she made me promise that we would watch and let others watch us, but we would not have sex with anyone else. I agreed. 

Our first time at a swing club was amazing. We were like two kids in a candy store. A lot of beautiful gals exposing themselves on the dance floor, making out with their guys or other gals. My wife loves to dance, so she and I started dancing. In no time, other beautiful ladies butted in and started dancing with her, kissing and making out. I noticed that she was getting the most attention from other gals while the guys on the sideline were looking on with approval. Finally, we decided to go to the locker room, undressed and wrapped a towel around us. There was a crowd of at least five couples following us. We went into this big room with four or five beds. Some of the beds were already occupied. There was one empty bed which we took. My wife and I were having wild sex, and it was more exciting knowing that there was a crowd watching us. Yes, we both are exhibitionists.

Within ten minutes, we felt hands rubbing against our bodies. My wife and I were in a missionary position. We looked and saw this attractive younger couple. The guy was rubbing my wife’s tits, and the gal was caressing my ass, thighs, and balls. My wife looked at me and whispered, `You want to do this, just this once, and this will be the last time?` I said, `Yes.` I had a wild time with the beautiful, younger gal. My wife told her boyfriend that she had never had sex with anyone else but me. We were both absolute newbies. He loved it. I watched them. My wife’s ass was at the edge of the bed, her legs dangling down. He was standing between her thighs and aimed his cock directly into my wife’s pussy. Her first cock other than mine. Maybe, there was a pang of jealousy, but I was more aroused. He started pounding, causing her beautiful tapered legs and sexy feet to bounce with each thrust. For me, it was the most beautiful and erotic sight I ever saw. I wished I had videotaped it. 

We were at it for maybe an hour, and the ladies got thirsty and wanted to get drinks. Her boyfriend asked that we continue later. But for some reason, my wife and I decided to go back to the hotel. It was our first time, and we were a bit overwhelmed. We needed to reassess our feelings and regroup. We loved our first swinging experience, and the memory will stay with us forever. It jump-started our sex life, where we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Literally, we had to have sex every day, sometime two times a day. This sex on steroids lasted for about six months. We resigned ourselves that we would never be able to top this. Boy, were we ever wrong!

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